Written by: Chelsea Harper

Will Overman found himself at a crossroads in his life. In 2017, Will left his band and set off on his first solo project since 2013. And thus, Crossroads was born. You can tell Crossroads is a deeply self-reflecting album, with Overman’s southern roots emerging strong. Will has a unique voice, ranging from country to folk to a little bit of rock with ease and grace.

The first song, “Crossroads,” is a soft song that sets the tone for the rest of the album. With the slow strum of the guitar accompanied by Overman’s soft, smooth melodic voice you can tell Overman is talented and wise beyond his years. When Will sings “I’m at a crossroads, and I’m supposed to know where to go” you can sense that fear and hesitation, yet also appreciate the beauty of the song and making this big decision on which road to take.

“Marriage Museum” is up next, another soft and slower song that captures the richness and depth of Overman’s voice. He is also accompanied at times by a background female voice which I felt added to this song’s lyrics even more. Switching to a quicker, upbeat tone is “Supernova,” the third song on Overman’s album. This was one of my favorite songs of the album for a few reasons. Overman switches up from his soft, sweet voice to one that is strong and loud. “I tried so hard so you could shine like stars” was a lyric that hit me, and I felt like the entire song was like a wake-up call.

“You Are Your Own” is up next, switching back to a slow beat but much different than the previous songs. This was one of the most emotionally raw tracks on Crossroads, and it was beautifully tragic love story. The slow guitar and drum beat in the back added almost a dramatic effect to the song. Towards the middle of the song a violin is added, which makes this song somehow even sadder. This was my favorite song on the album by far, with Overman’s raw emotions and voice truly showing here. Finishing up the album is “Decatur,” an up-beat song with Will’s country roots coming out strong in this one. Again, a female voice comes up at times in the background which matches perfectly with Overman’s. Will’s soft voice blended perfectly with the music, and the slight country feel to it all made it even better.

Crossroads was overall an incredible album, and a good sign that Will Overman will have a successful solo career. I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Check out Will’s website to hear more and find out if he’s coming to a city near you!