Album Review

The Fat Catz, With a Z

By Elisha Gud

The Fat Catz, based out of Blacksburg, VA, debut album—With a Z was released this past April and has brought the music scene what the band would describe as “space rock tunes.” Their music will take you out of this world with their eccentric style and unique beats. With jams ranging anywhere from spacey, funky, and jamtronica, they appeal to any ear in any kind of musical situation. Drums, two guitars, a bassist, keys, and some vocals these boys are bringing the heat and sending you to outer space with helmets and dancing shoes on.

 The first song is called “Bayview,” which starts off in a dream-like sense, making you feel as if you are flying and floating through space. A moment you would dream of, being surrounded by colors and constellations as the speed and tempo of the song speeds up and starts soaring on till the end. Opening the album with a sense of awakening and a Hello from the band letting you know that they are about to take you on a dance filled trip through space with them as they continue on through the album.

 Track two—”Honey Lemon Blue” will certainly send you out of your seats and into dance mode. With twist and turn-esk beats. The artistic lyrics tell a story of this honey lemon blue and as the lyrics go on more in depth about his love for her the rest of the band backs up the vocals with their lustful configurations and stylish beats.

 The song “Hands Down” which would be the fourth song on the album derives off from their spacey style and turns more into a jazzy-jammy-reggaeish mix. With the drums being a huge factor in how the band completely changes their style from one rift to the next. From the beginning of the song to the end, the mix of genres along side vocals will remind you of the UK band The Darkness, as the song continues to get more and more groovy up till the end.

 Throughout the rest of the album this four piece band covers all of the bases when it comes to getting you into the groove. With their attraction to the space-like vibes and a mix of jamtronica the energy doesn’t stop. From “Hands Down” to “M.E.O.W.” into “Lizard Scuffle” the mix of sounds is illuminating. The first few seconds of “Lizard Scuffle” will have you out of your seats and ready to blast off into an unknown land. While “Philly Phunk Steak,” “Seas to Sands,” and “Bayview Reprise” can be played back to back nonstop leaving you wanting more.

 The Fat Catz (with a Z) might be a newer band on the rise, but they play as if they have been together for years. Look for them at upcoming shows and festivals within the new year. They are sure to show you a stellar time.

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