Tweed’s new album Moves is an 80’s tinged electro-jam dream that comes as a welcome departure from the usual noodly jams that grace my inbox regularly.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a half-baked jam band fan myself, but I have always preferred the jamtronica sounds of Lotus or Papadosio to the more traditional Allman Brothers or Bob Weir.  Call me contemporary, but I just love something about a dance-y synth-y beat over an electric guitar, as well as clear song structures and vocals, which this album has plenty of.

Tweed has always marched to the beat of their own drum and paved their own path within the music scene, building a community in their hometown of Philadelphia with their festival SENSORiUM, releasing a tongue-in-cheek retro themed video for the title track “Moves” and curating a sound that’s more Jimkata than JRAD.  With the addition of violinist and multi-instrumentalist Charlie Field, the band is on a robust new level with their sound.

Moves is the quintet’s first full length album, mastered by Anthony Thogmartin of Papadosio and featuring 8 full length tracks that range from disco dance-able to atmospheric electronic.  They recently released the feel-good electro pop second track “Leap of Faith” as a single, and the fun jamtronica track “El Sucio Grande” featured guest Jesse Miller from Lotus.  The sugar-spun sonic songs “Remember, You Forgot” and “Perfectly Aware” are more lyrically driven, while I feel “Feargasm” was more jamtronica in the vein of Lotus. “Creature of Habit” lets a little more of the jam-side of Tweed show towards the end with some electric guitar taking over the show, and the last track “Save Yourself” is a masterpiece conglomeration of all their jamtronica and electro-pop influences (also featuring some of Charlie Field’s violin that really adds a beautiful layer to the song).

Moves is the debut album you didn’t know that you were missing in your life, but I guarantee your weekend will be better now because of it.  It added a little jamtronica atmosphere to my work day and I can’t wait to unwind and dance to the tunes live. Moves was released today to all major streaming platforms and though their shows this weekend in Chicago, Peoria, and Cincinnati have been cancelled due to caution for the COVID-19 risk, they will be hosting a live stream tomorrow night at 8:30 PM to celebrate and continuing their tour March 27 in support:

Upcoming Dates:
Mar 14 8:30pm EST Facebook Live Stream
Mar 27 Sprout Music Collective (West Chester, PA)
Apr 18 Lost Lake (Denver, CO)
Apr 30 Bowery Electric (New York, NY)
May 24 Bigfoot Electro Festival (Tracy City, TN)
Aug 22 SENSORiUM 2020 (Philadelphia, PA)