After much thought and consideration I am announcing with great ambivalence that we will be discontinuing the print portion of The Jamwich, and the September 2019 issue will be our last issue.  I say “ambivalence” because I am faced with great sadness seeing what is often referred to as a “dying art form” (print) further regress into the atmosphere, but at the same time I am extremely excited for the future and this next phase of The Jamwich.

Taco, Nigel Hall (Lettuce) and Elise at Camp Barefoot

I am very proud of publishing a monthly magazine for 7 years unlike any others that exist right now–the only grassroots publication catering to small and mid-level artists and events in the jam scene. My passion for print and the tangible feel of pages in my hand has always been a driving force, and seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they open a copy has been fuel for the creative fire.  But I have to admit the business model is not sustainable, especially not on a grassroots level, and when trying to maintain a professional and polished product every month on a shoestring budget and 0 employees. The Jamwich has truly survived over the years through the hard work of our contributors and team–the music fans that help cultivate and spread our publication out of pure love for music and art–as well as the support of our advertisers and sponsors.  

One of the first events ever attended as “Appalachian Jamwich” – pictured in Daniel King, Kaylee Zielinski, Elise Olmstead, Sean Heeter, Taco Olmstead.

We are undoubtedly a more digital world than ever and this is how people today prefer to get their news and reading material, and we believe moving in this direction will allow us more time to interact with our audience and give them the information and content that they really want.  Without the print issue, this will create time and freedom to create more quality web content, consistent peeks into the behind-the-scenes action of the music industry, and insights into the hearts and minds of the music fans. We will be debuting a new website design in early Fall, stay tuned for announcements about that.  I am excited to continue to provide affordable services to bands, artists, and events like graphic design, street teaming, and social media promotion, and have more time to serve our community in this way. We will also be releasing more merch and putting more energy into our I Love Small Festivals project. Our mission is to “uplift” those in the music scene and we’re excited to put more leg work into doing so, as we have always been more than a magazine–we are a community.

Eli Winderman with a copy of The Jamwich

I am making this announcement at this time so that those who wish to be included in our last issue (September) may be included (we will have limited advertising space available but is open to anyone). Believe me when I say, we will be hitting these last months hard and specifically decided to keep the print issue running through the 2019 festival season so we can spread The Jamwich to festival fans on our team’s travels (in addition to our usual “drop” locations).  

Subscription sales have been turned off and anyone currently holding a subscription will be refunded on a pro-rated basis after receiving their last issue in September. 

We hope you join us in this next chapter and participate in our ever growing community of music fans.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on our progress and our travels!  Our loving cup overflows with gratitude, thank you for your continued love and support.