Appalachian Jamwich is a very busy group of people.  We believe in squeezing as much life out of every day, and if possible be at more than one place at a time. We are painting in the sun, hiking on a mountain, hula hooping at the park, or practicing a few licks on our guitar.  We’re seeing music, making music, living music and art every day.  We are the dynamic voices that beg to be heard through our vibrancy.  We are the fans and the people.  We are you and your enormous love.

We want you, the readers and music fans, to tell us what’s cool, what’s happening, and what we want out of life that we don’t have to buy.  Don’t feed the machine, feed your world.  You are all a part of the culture and lifestyle so colorful and bright it begs to be seen.

Appalachian Jamwich strives to be the face of the jam scene culture and put its talented fans in the forefront.  We believe in finding your path in life and following your dreams.  It is all possible if you believe, and we believe in you.  Through the publication, online community, promotions, and meeting you in person, AJ will continue to lift up those around us to pursue this dream together.  We strive for the usual peace, love, and happiness, but also living life on no one’s terms but your own.  We want to showcase your beautiful individuality and creativity.

We are the fans, for the fans, by the fans…we are YOU.