Written by Elise Olmstead

Kendall Street Company’s new album RemoteVision is a rock masterpiece filled with so much jams, they had to divide it into three parts. Part 1 was released 9/1 at a sold out show at Jefferson Theater, Part 2 was just released 10/2, and Part 3 will be released 11/3 (see what they did there?). Collectively there are 17 tracks to enjoy, most of them so high energy that it’s near impossible not to tap your fingers and toes while you listen.

Recorded at The Sound in Charlottesville, VA, the album features some guest musicians to lend trumpet, trombone, fiddle, and lap steel guitar to the songs. The horn section is featured largely in Part 1, which is a funky dance party from start to finish. Some tracks like “I Don’t Know Shit About Bikes” and “Geddup” are a little more experimentally jammy, but my favorite tracks from Part 1 are the fast-paced “Unwind (Boiler Jam)” where the horns seriously shine and the last track “Sidetracked” which is super funky.

Part 2 of the album has a completely different tone, with more of a bluegrass and blues vibe and featuring acoustic guitar, fiddle and lap steel guitar. The first song, “Kettle,” will have you slappin’ your knee like it’s a downright hootenanny and “Mary & Meggo” and “My Best Friend” continues the country vibe. “Where Did Your Light Go?” is a slower ballad with sensitive lyrics, and the beautiful song “Lift” reminds me of the sweet simplicity of an Iron & Wine song.

Part 3 puts the electric guitar back into play and is a perfect conglomeration of the funk, blues and jam that plays a role in other songs. The tongue-in-cheek humor continues with song titles like “Laura, I’m Sorry About the Cobbler,” and “Boomba Voyage (I Sure Do Love Plants)” which repeatedly mentions that “I sure do love plants” to a sunny salsa beat, then informs us we have reached the end of the record and bids us farewell.

Kendall Street’s polished instrumentals and lighthearted lyrics remind me a lot of Phish, which would usually be a lofty comparison but in this case feels right. You can listen on streaming services now and find out for yourself.

Check out RemoteVision Part 1 on Spotify!