Written by Anthony Wayne

There is a space so diverse and cosmic within itself–a multi layered amalgam of color and spirit, coalescing soul and inspiration on a tier so mighty and vibrant, that we sometimes find it unreal. 

That’s just New York City. 

It is a land, obviously, very much alive and rich with culture and diversity. A land deeply rooted in the heritage of music and countless other creative arts. It is under this tireless vista we find our fearless musical duo, Horizon Wireless, navigating quite well, I might add. Cascading through gorgeous sonic realms, propelled by vivid imagery, we are greeted with arms open as they figuratively speak to us, Welcome To The Network

With a new six song offering, the members of Horizon Wireless (DJ Harrison Waxenberg and drummer Daniel Lyons) have delivered a truly multi genre collection of music. Gathering tired and true instruments and tools of the trade, they guide us through an astounding thirty two minutes and forty seconds, never missing a step. Robust with texture, their new collection “Welcome To The Network” is a completely exciting and interesting listen. There is something happening in every moment, providing anticipation at each fresh turn. 

During “Dance The Light Away,” the lyrical line ‘beautiful girls that make you dizzy’ rang out, synchronizing with thoughts of the production value being quite professional and electrifying to the senses. It’s almost enough to make one dizzy. From the pulsating groove of opening track “Fly Me To The Sun,” with its midway breather and ensuing complete rhythmic change at the three quarter mark reminding us their future is hot, to the beautiful repeating line, “I’m burning up.” On “Planet Hop,” with its call and response female and male vocal dance, we are transported on what becomes an obvious live crowd interactive song, with its order for “everybody get up, we’re gonna get down.” All systems go, indeed, for this duo. 

Using technology at its finest level, complete with a variety of synth and key tones, driving drum and bass grooves, catchy and creative word play and mental imagery through the blend of their collective experiences and talents, we are given something real. Something that is pushing us forward, getting us engaged and adding to an already impressive personal catalog, providing them a seat at an amazing world of musical talent. Whether they are “surfing on a sound wave” or “moving your body like a cyclone,” Horizon Wireless are here to help us navigate the multiverse and welcome us all to their network. 

Welcome to the Network was officially released today November 15, 2019 and the album release party will be December 13th at the Sultan Room w/ Beard O Bees (Jesse from Lotus), Matt Carey, Indobeats, and Newpy Hundo. Learn more.