On May 28, T.A. Clayton & The Soulminers’ released their most recent EP, Young Again, which features a collection of polished and professional songs in the band’s signature sound, which is a blend of country, rock, and jam. 

This project, consisting of 5 distinctly unique yet interwoven tracks, is the long-awaited follow-up of the group’s debut album Shortcomings, which was released in 2019. 

While 2019 was only 2 years ago, it may seem like a lifetime ago due to the pandemic. A long hiatus of performing live shows gave them just the fuel they needed to really sit down in the studio and hammer out some incredible music. It gave them time to reflect on the direction their music was headed and focus on experimenting with new musical techniques in the studio.

Instead of trying to write the songs that he had in his head, frontman Todd Clayton wanted the music to be in control and let it take the band wherever it wanted to go.

“We certainly aren’t trying to be something we are not,” said frontman Todd Clayton. “It’s an attempt to let the creativity flow, and not steer songs to fit nice and neat into a particular box.”

T.A. Clayton & The Soulminers @ Arnold’s Bar & Grill in Cincinnati – Photo: Chris Stegner

One underlying thread that connects all of the music, despite blurring the lines between genres frequently, is Clayton’s songwriting style and signature voice. The end result is 5 tracks that work together beautifully and flow seamlessly into one another, while each is capable of standing alone as a wonderful song by itself. 

This combination of musicians and sounds seemingly blends all of the musical happenings within the state of Kentucky, where most of the artists involved are from. 

The album’s engineer and producer, Tom Hnatow, is supporting Clayton on electric guitar, keys and bass throughout the entire project. “His talent is scattered all throughout the EP and you will not hear a moment in this compilation, without hearing his work,” says Clayton about working together with Hnatow.  

Two other additions to the roster of musicians that Clayton was excited about are Rod Elkins, who plays drums for Tyler Childers, and bassist Roddy Puckett, who has played with Wolpen Branch and The Wooks. Female backing vocals by Lyssa Halley and Haley Stark on the title track “Young Again ” are also a new and welcomed addition to Clayton’s music.

Some of the original members of The Soulminers were included on this EP as well. Andy Lenihan returns on keys/organ and Jamie Ritchie on percussion.

If you are interested in diving deeper into their catalog of music, you can check out their debut EP, Crookeder Past, Vol. 1, which was recently added to streaming services to help promote Young Again’s release. 

With live music returning everywhere you look and another batch of songs that is halfway recorded already, we can only hope that we will see a lot more of these musicians in the future. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with show announcements, new music, and other updates from the band.