This New Year’s Eve there’s only one place The Jamwich family could want to be — it’s close to home at a beloved venue in DC, Gypsy Sally’s, with the Mad Tea Party Jam OG’s themselves: The Werks!  Joining them is the up-and-coming band LITZ, who has been spitting straight fire on tour this past year.  The intimate venue space and the sparkling lights of Georgetown will lend to the magic of ringing in the New Year with some of our best friends!  Get your tickets now as the space will fill up quickly.  


How has everything been for The Werks lately?  Have you toured anywhere new, working on new material or anything like that?

Chris: Things have been fantastic lately with the band. The music is as explorative as ever and our comfort playing is at an all time high. We’ve been hitting all of the usual haunts along the road and have actually hit a few from our past, namely Kenny’s Westside Pub in Peoria, IL where we played once in 2009 or so with Norm and Chuckie still in the band, good times!

Rob: Things have been great!  Got to tour all over the country in 2017 and play a ton of new markets to a whole new fanbase!  We are currently finishing up some studio work and gearing up for a big Winter Werk Out and Summer Werk Out 2018!

Dan: We just finished up our hurricane Irma Passafire makeup dates down in Florida and Myrtle Beach.  It was also awesome that it worked out to have Dino back in the saddle as Jake Goldberg just had a daughter and took some personal time off the road to usher in new life into the world.  So lots of good times and old friends and touring hijinks per usual.


How has the reception been for your latest release, Magic? What’s your favorite song to play off that album currently?

Jake: I think people have really enjoyed the new album. It’s really comforting to take a musical risk, and have your fans love it as much as you do. My favorite track off the actual album is probably the title track, “Magic.” But my favorite one to play live is probably “Into The Moss.”

Chris: The reception for “Magic” has been outstanding! We seem to be tapping into a  broader audience with this one and we are pleased with how well it’s been received. Currently my favorite song to play off of the new album is “Slab”. The middle section gets real dark and we have been hitting some real chilling moments in hat section recently.


You guys have been to DC before, what do you like about visiting this city?  What do you like about Gypsy Sally’s?

Jake: We have been to DC before, we played Gypsy Sally’s a number of months ago, to a sold out show for our first time in the city. I have a special connection to DC as my girlfriend used to live there. I have a special connection to DC and Gypsy Sally’s. I have sat in with Pink Talking Fish there, raged a David Bowie cover band with my beautiful lady, and played awesome sets that I’ll never forget. My favorite thing about Gypsy Sally’s is there memories I’ve made with people I love, and they have old Phish stubs set into the wood of the bar, I like to pick through them and find which shows I’ve been to.

Dan: DC is an awesome city though it is taxed without representation.  There is a fighting political spirit it there in its denizens but also has a looming lobbyist political agenda that looms in its reputation.  A real clash of ideologies, political opinions, socioeconomic classes, and creatives usually make for great art from the region and we’re happy to contribute to that atmosphere.  Gyspy Sally’s is an awesome club with a very quaint crowd


How has it been playing a couple of shows with LITZ?

Chris: Playing with LITZ can be intimidating at times! They’re so damn good! They’re a high energy, funk faced, shredding showcase.

Dan: Litz is one of those sleeper bands with massive talent and a very eclectic taste.  I can’t help but see the similarity between Focus’ Thjis van Leer and creative powerhouse Austin Litz.  Anyone who reads the Quadrivium for pleasure has my vote for potential creative world leader.  He has an obvious creative command on stage and certainly pushes out a unique vision with storytelling unique to his personality.  Sometimes I wonder if the world is even ready for motivated creative souls like that.  Who knows, who cares, less cock more rock.


What’s a crazy New Year’s Eve memory of yours?

Jake: A crazy new eve memory was last year. Houser jumped down a case of stairs in the hotel and broke his foot. later we rolled him out in a hotel luggage cart. good times

Chris: When we played the Madison Theater in Covington, KY to ring in 2016 and we played with Norman one last time. That will stay with me forever.

Rob: This one time after NYE when Norman……-censored-

Dan: Man, I have a few.  But I want to tell you one but it’ll have to off the record and in private but it’s ‘hilarious.’  As far as something to print, I’ll say playing what is now Express Live! with The Werks from 2014 into 2015 for NYE.  There’s a badass photo and crowd shot of us kneeling together that shows a year of hard work well enjoyed and relished.  It’s also special for me as it was my first year with the band.  You can tell how satisfying it was for me when you look at said photo and see that shit eating grin of mine.  A picture is worth a thousand words, check it out for yourself.


What is your New Year’s resolution this year?

Jake: My New Year’s resolution is to read more Jamwich articles.

Chris:  New Years resolution? WERK HARDER

Rob: To continue to werk on being the best I can be mentally and physically, as well as being a the best person I can be to everyone I meet!  

Dan: Play true.  A worthy rhetorical goal for any musician.