The choices for music on New Year’s Eve are often plentiful, especially in the musical town of Pittsburgh, PA.  Too Many Zooz will be playing at The Rex Theater, Lotus will be playing at Stage AE, and local favorites The Clock Reads will be providing the Unofficial After Party to Everything : The Grilled Cheese Affair, presented by Jamburgh.

What is The Clock Reads?

The Clock Reads is an amazingly talented, jammy Pittsburgh band making waves in the local music scene.  Formed in 2013, the four piece is made up of Jason Greenlaw on guitar, John O’Brien on guitar, Michael Berger on bass,  and Steve Ippolito on drums.  Their music is influenced by Phish, Frank Zappa, and Steve Kimock, and thrives on improvisation.  Loosely described as “post-jam” these guys aren’t afraid to melt your face and all while not taking themselves too seriously.

What is The Grilled Cheese Affair?

“The Grilled Cheese Affair is a late-night after party for everyone in Pittsburgh.  Last year we had an ice cream social and before that we have previously had several french fry parties.  Its honestly just fun to have a theme to let everyone attending know that you are going to go the extra mile to make sure that the night is memorable.  Also, after a long night of raging, its hard to keep the momentum going into the AM hours without a little something in your stomach.  Our VIP patrons will enjoy complimentary grilled cheeses while GA can purchase them for a couple bucks.”  VIP tickets are now sold out, get your GA tickets now before they sell out, too!

What is Jamburgh?
“Jamburgh is soon to be Pittsburgh’s online hub for all things jammy, the website will be launching early in the new year.  We will have a Pittsburgh master show calendar as well as other resources and content relating to the area and its music scene.  We also intend on organizing more events just like the grilled cheese affair in the future to help do our part in strengthening the local scene.”
Where is the show?

Salem’s Event Center. 2911 Penn Ave, 10 minutes from Stage AE. “Salem’s event center is a former jazz club turned rental hall in Pittsburgh’s strip district.  The venue does not sell alcohol but we do encourage people to BYOB (VIP includes open bar).  We are bringing in our own staff to be assured that everyone has a hassle-free time in a place that they feel comfortable.”

Get your tickets and more info here.