Treehouse! released their American Reggae- Jam- Rock full-length album, Full Immersion, March 6th after immense anticipation from fans and the reggae community.

After 10 years and multiple EPs together, Treehouse! is ready to take on the world with a full album, and their fans are even more pumped to hear it. The group teased their Full Immersion sound for over a year with singles like “Prayer for the Day”, “Natural High” featuring Dan Kelly, and “One Life” featuring sin.dex. 

The album comes as a follow-up to their U.S. “Full Immersion” Tour that featured reggae rock groups Audic Empire and Bubba Love. On top of worldwide success, the band recently became a part of Spirit Airlines’ #Music4Miles sponsorship program, allowing Treehouse! to spread their live music to more fans. They’ve collaborated with up-and-coming reggae artists such as Sun-Dried Vibes, Oogee Wawa, Roots of a Rebellion and supported legendary acts like Steel Pulse, 311, The Wailers, Dirty Heads, Pepper, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth, and SOJA. Treehouse! has also been compared to reggae legend, Bob Marley, with their song “Blessings” in the top 10 of the Marley’s Music Uprising contest. 

Had Pink Floyd jammed with Bob Marley, their sound might have come close to TreeHouse! Reggae, Roots, Rock, Jam and Psychedelia have never been fused together like this in the history of humankind, let alone so seamlessly. This band embodies enthusiasm & inspiration with a dynamic live show and life-affirming message.

“There’s a lot to be said about the sound and style of TreeHouse! whose energy exudes the familiar, feel-good vibes of the reggae genre. Performing together for eight years, the band of four takes reggae and rock to create music that celebrates gratitude, unity and overcoming adversity…The band’s latest music video for the song “Natural High (ft. Dan Kelly)” has the mellow rhythms we all look to find for a perfect summer day…” – Culture Magazine

Fans can listen to Full Immersion now on all streaming services. Pre-order or listen to the album on the Treehouse! website.