Desmond Jones released their second full-length studio album on July 26, 2019. Once again, the American Rock Band from Michigan has orchestrated an album which will take the listener through a sonic voyage. Hello, Helou, features songs written by several different members of the band, which is truly showcased throughout the entire album. From track to track, you can hear the intertwining of genres and strong musicianship through the fusion of sounds. The album exemplifies how eclectic these guys truly are.

Hello, Helou starts with a classic rock and Americana vibe with the song, “Sylvia,” which transitions into, “Instructional Dance Song,” which is filled with heart-felt melodies and strong folklore vibes. The voyage continues with the third track, “Mime Factory,” which consists of catchy guitar licks and beautiful lyricism. The pace begins to pick up with tracks, “Still Creatures,” and “Hot Hamm,” which brings in the phat “Mo-town” driving funk intertwined with sweet jazz riffs. These guys truly know how to lay down a groove and take the listener on a dance-party odyssey. They shift once more transitioning into the 6th song on the album, “Split Again,” which is rooted in traditional country music, folk and Americana. From start to finish, these fellas take their fans and listeners through a wide array of musical frequencies, tapping into all sorts of feels. They are so talented in their way of stacking guitar and saxophone riffs, that are partnered with solid pocket grooves held down by the rhythm section. They are tight-knit and on fire. The last song of their album, “Pat and the Big Carrot,” is massive masterpiece coming in at a little under 10 minutes and they bring it all together with this final track. The track consists of several genres and filled with the back and forth vibe, where they tap into some of their dark heavy chords into very soulful uplifting tones. These guys have done it again with another beautiful album.

The album was recorded with Kevin Mckay (InMuso) in Webberville, MI and was then edited by Alex Gauthier and Collin Pompey and mastered by Glenn Brown in Lansing, MI.