Album Review

Lotus: Eat the Light

By Cait Deane

July 15th was the release date of Lotus’s thirteenth studio album, Eat The Light. This was a unique new venture for the widely loved electro jamband, featuring vocals on every track. The middle of Summer was the perfect time to put out their new collection as it was the vision of the group to create an album that captured the essence of the season. Luke Miller describes the album as “The sound of Summer that makes you want to dance and raise your hands to the sky.”

It is my opinion that the decision to include a vocal component for each track will help expand their fanbase and welcome in new genres that you may not have immediately associated with Lotus before. Many seasoned fans were disappointed with the more pop oriented project, however, it is not uncommon for Lotus to make bold moves with their music. Though they are typically heavily instrumental, they have dove into new territory with Eat The Light, tapping into the pop genre with catchier melodies, cleaner guitar lines, and more simplified arrangements.

The album begins with “Fearless,” where a nostalgic disco-esque sound meets a modern punch. It helps begin the album on an upbeat note with sharp and unparalleled percussion lines. From here, we transition into “I’ve Been a Fool,” the second track. Lotus’s own Jessie Miller provides the vocals for this song. From the first to the second track, we can see how diverse Eat The Light is really going to be, this song has much more of an indie rock vibe and is a bit cooler overall. Underneath the vocals is the super recognizable and dancy (more traditional) sound of Lotus raging on.

The middle tracks include pieces like “Move To Fast,” “Sleep When We Are Dead,” and “Eats The Light.” This is where the album slips into those catchier melodies that utilize brighter sounds and more glitchy electronica.

Oriel Poole is the featured vocalist on the seventh track, “Anti-Gravity.” Her voice is ultra powerful, soulful, and sexy! This is where the album moves back into an old school vibe- and it is the first song on the album to feature a female vocalist. The following tune, “Suntan,” also utilizes a female vocalist. “Suntan” might be my favorite piece on Eat The Light because of Rachel Eisenstat’s sweet and sentimental voice. If there was a song that I felt truly accomplished that summer love/ new beginning feeling, this would be it.

“Sodium Vapor” is the closing song on the album. This track has that finale essence to it, driving their vision home with lyrical Summertime imagery. The song taps back into the indie rock spirit of the album, and sprinkles in those glitchy technologic grooves that Lotus is so masterful with.

Eat The Light is an album where the authentic Lotus sound meets variety in vocals, melding together their classic style with a pop touch to push forth a new vision. Exceptionally fresh, Lotus’s newest release may be the perfect soundtrack to your Summer.