Written by Michael Tucker

Way back in July, I wrote a preview article for Resonance 2019 in which I quoted the eminent Billy Brouse from his Facebook page: “Resonance Music and Arts Festival is ‘bout to be some shit you tell your grandkids about. I’m very serious when I say this because I care about you and your family.” Well, more recent developments show that Mr. Brouse really, really does care about both you and your family.

Underground Sensation Billy Brouse at The Caverns Pelham, TN                                              Photo by Bradford Watkins

Here are five more reasons you really don’t want to miss Resonance 2019 which is taking place September 19-22 at Cooper’s Lake Slippery Lake, PA:

1.Umphrey’s Mcgee

This impossible to place in a single genre powerhouse of a band comprised of six super-skilled musicians certainly adds some umph and sizzle to the Resonance 2019 lineup. While they can be called many things— progressive, eclectic, heavy, funky, adventurous, improvisational, danceable, shred worthy, even metallic—one thing that all listeners agree on is that these guys rock! Their live performances are legendary. Umphrey’s is also known for whipping out some crazy covers, and I couldn’t be more excited that these dudes are bringing their unique brand of magic to the Resonance stage for the first time in 2019. Bringing a band who plays such a gamut of styles (including everything from rock to funk to metal to jazz to electronica and all shades in between) feels like the perfect move for a festival whose entire musical bill features such an eclectic array of musical styles. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to rock the freak out with you all Umphrey’s style at Resonance! It gets even better because it’s Umph x 2!!!

2.Dosio’s Gorillaz Tribute Set (and then some)

Remember that special rare Resonance set Papadosio promised us? Well, it’s officially a Gorillaz tribute set. Holy smokes! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to hear (and see) how my favorite group of innovative musicians reinterprets the music of the very postmodern, virtual band with their alternative rock/trip hop stylings. I can tell you from personal experience that Dosio utterly crushed their Nine Inch Nails tribute set at Resonance 2017, and while this old guy is much more familiar with NIN”s entire catalogue, I’m excited for Dosio to expand on Damon Albarn’s brilliance. The burning question in my mind, however, is which one will be spitting some bars?

In case you haven’t heard the utterly sublime set they played at The Caverns in Pelham, TN, check it out here:  https://music.papadosio.com/album/81019-the-caverns-pelham-tn

But wait there’s more…. the progressive geniuses in Tauk will be playing a tribute set this year as well. Depending on how Resonance fans vote, it’ll either be a Pink Floyd, Jim Hendrix, or Fire-Themed set. Any way you look at this, it’s a win. Their late-night Beatles set complete with mop-top wigs) was well beyond spectacular, and I’m stoked for any of the three options (but gunning for Hendrix)!

3.Awesome Musical Additions to an Already Stacked Lineup

When I published my first preview article with the first five reasons not to miss Resonance this year, I told you about a musical bill that included Papadosio x 4, Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Polish Ambassador, Tycho, Tipper, CHON, Goose, Keller Williams, and Litz. Well, since then, Resonance’s supremely eclectic and well-thought out lineup has reached a new level of sublime creative excellence. For starters, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are slated to play no less than 4 sets of their positively joyful exuberant brand of funk this year! Also, everyone’s favorite musical palindrome Dopapod will bring their super-cool selves to Resonance again this year, and whether you look at it forwards or backwards, that is certainly awesome news! And if that’s not enough, one of my absolute favorites, Big Something, are also returning this year! I have never met anyone who doesn’t love these dudes after giving them a listen, and I’m super stoked they’re resonating and bringing their spectacular brand of fun again this year. Finally, for even more proof that jamtronica lovers have hit the jackpot this year, Resonance attendees will be treated to two slurps of tasty cosmic funky soup from Sunsquabi! Please don’t miss out on this year’s musical extravaganza. Here’s an updated Spotify playlist to hold you over: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/125ZW6IPiVKBWAunidOAKz?si=azrmxC-STXuSzYrG2vp99w&fbclid=IwAR03FWNJ3ChyjbYRUjWpKb5H5exBqfUnd8Zl2IkoQxfxQAweAz3XJiowWMw

4. More Venue Details

Cooper’s Lake

Resonance’s new venue at Cooper’s Lake in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania was one of my first five reasons not to miss this year’s event, but I’m so excited after hearing about some new details that I had to include it again. I hear from volunteer coordinator Jamie Danko who has been scoping out the venue and with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Sleepy Creek many times that the venue is utterly fantastic with lots of camping and trees. Here’s a direct quote from roving reporter Jamie: “This venue is absolutely gorgeous. You are all in for a treat! The general store is like a market with anything you could ever need! Even if you forget a tent or chair they got it. Forgot a pan don’t worry. Forgot all groceries they got you. Even more excited for what is to come for Resonance!” She also says that the lake is gorgeous. I did a bit of poking around on Cooper’s lake website here: https://www.cooperslake.com/clchome/index.php and I also found that they have WIFI, an internet café, and a cafeteria style restaurant onsite. I can’t wait to explore Resonance’s new digs!!

5. Transformative Potential

Photo by Bradford Watkins

Finally, and to get super personal here, Resonance has changed my life for the better.  For starters, at the inaugural Resonance Music and Arts Festival way back in 2014 a very special workshop by a special human being inspired me to make the scary decision to go back to school in my mid-forties and set me on the twisting and turning path that currently has me working on a Bachelor of Social Work degree. I have had countless other transformative moments at each one of the Resonances, and my heart is full of memories without which my life would not be the same, just about all of them including my wonderful partner Tara. However, there is that time I saw my first Tauk set at Resonance # 1 with my friend Amy, and a late night adventure with my friend Sheehan after what was supposed to be an Ozric Tentacles set that turned into such a fantastic Peridoni super jam that we weren’t even mad! I have learned so many cool things, experienced so much incredible art, and met so many loving and inspiring human beings on the Dosio rail and throughout the entirety of the festival that I can say my life is so much richer for going. I hope each one of you can experience something as magical and full of meaning as Resonance. It’ll change your life if you give it the chance!

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