Written by Michael Tucker

Photos by Bradford Watkins and Tyler L. Goble

Litz with Elise, Taco, and an awesome early crowd at Resonance Photo by Tyler L. Goble of Zen Focus Photography

The bad news is that Papadosio’s magnificent Content Coma tour, which featured LITZ as the opening act on its last shows, is over. The good news is that there is still one more opportunity  to check out both amazing bands in a single evening—and it couldn’t come at a better time than this Thanksgiving weekend. This confluence of musical excellence is happening one more time at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh on Saturday, November 24th. Trust me you don’t want to miss this opportunity to catch two of my favorite bands with the absolute best fan bases in any universe in one evening. Both bands brought a spectacular amount of heat at the 9:30 Club this past weekend—and somehow managed to make me more of a believer than I am already (which is theoretically impossible). I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate gratitude than by coming to a musical celebration of love and life with two of the best band families— actually make that one big family now. I mean it sure beats the programmed consumer frenzy of Black Friday shopping. With heaps of excitement for the LITZ/Papadosio convergence, I caught up with the nice boys in LIT for a short interview through the magic of the internet:

One of the many things I love about Papadosio is their use of technology to push the envelope of what’s musically possible. Could you guys talk about ways that you’re currently using technology? Do you plan to continue in that direction?
The way we implement technology is through the usage of a click track that runs to Nick, which is midi synced through Austin’s MPC sampler pad, which handles any of the backtrack sequences or pre-production aspects. Austin’s rig is midi synced to the clock as well that allows arpeggiators and other synthesis effects to fall in time. As of right now we’re all analog, meaning no computers involved, but looking towards the future, the integration of Ableton seems imminent. With that being said, we definitely plan to continue in this direction. We have fun creating it and it seems like the music community these days really appreciates that crossover sound.

Obviously, I know who Nick’s favorite band is. Are there any artists or bands who really set the rest of you on fire?
In terms of artists that get each of us going, Austin is really feeling Turkuaz and everything they’re doing with that high- quality funk. Logan has been on this Birdcloud kick. They’re definitely— something. Pat is digging on Ghost Note and particularly their album Swagism. That group is absolutely incredible, and any time you can go see Sput throwing it down with Mononeon, you do it.

Tell us something you’re excited about in LITZ’s near future. The thing we’re most excited about in the near future is throwing our own festival! We’re really stoked to finally be taking the plunge. It’ll be around the second week of June 2019, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for updates on Ragamaru: LITZ Family Ball.

Austin Litz Photo by Bradford Watkins

Austin, I am blown away by your multi-instrumental abilities in live performances: vocals, keyboard, flute, and saxophone. What was the first instrument you played and is there an instrument that feels more like “home” for you than any other?
The first instrument I played was the violin at 3 years old, but the tenor saxophone feels most at home to me because it is the closest in timbre and range to the human voice.

Logan, One of the things that LITZ has in common with ‘Dosio is that both bands have brothers in them. What’s it like it to be brothers in a band? Has it made you closer?
Constantly being around each other touring; in the van, on stage, close quarter sleeping situations, it will definitely bring you closer to someone, regardless of relation. As for the dynamic of being in a band with my sibling—it’s different and interesting. We definitely know each other very well.

Pat, Before I ask a question, I’d like to say I love watching you play, and it’s really fun to watch you get the fans up front involved. What has it been like to join an already established band? First off, thank you for the appreciation. Joining an established band has been a great experience. It’s been lots of fun finding my own voice and sound with these guys and getting to become a part of their community. Feeling the love for sure!

Pat Shine of Litz Photo by Bradford Watkins


Nick, We share a great deal of love for a certain band and their music. Could you talk a little bit about what this whole experience of getting some shows opening for your favorite band feels like? What’s your next goal as you guys keep climbing?
Papadosio holds a special place in my heart. At over 70+ shows under my belt, I guess you could say I dig their sound. And after so many shows, I’ve been fortunate enough to actually befriend the band I love. Most people don’t know this, but leading up the the last Dosio Rootwire, which I was so excited to go to, my dad passed away, and instead of attending I had to plan a funeral. It was their music that healed my soul then and continues to do so today, and I’ll always be grateful to them for that. So, as most could probably guess, this is kind of a dream come true for me. Not only opening for my favorite band but playing drums in one of my all-time favorite venues. Since I can check this one off the bucket list, I suppose my next goal is to get myself on the stages at Pier 17 in NYC and Red Rocks.

Papadosio Photo by Bradford Watkins

Don’t miss the opportunity to feel the love and feast on the super-crunchy tunes and good vibes that LITZ and Papadosio (and the family they share) will deliver at the Rex Theater in Pittsburgh on Saturday, November 24.

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