The Floorboards, a roots rock ‘n’ roll band from the Blue Ridge Mountains, recently released their new album, Borrowed Moon, which is a heartfelt collection of tunes to make you groove.  The album is more polished and their style more defined than their previous self-titled album, showing immense growth as a band.  The collection of songs is perfect to listen to all the way through – all of the songs are thoroughly enjoyable and there isn’t a lemon in the bunch.  I particularly enjoy lead singer’s vocals and lyrics, often singing about love and missed opportunities in love.  It is sometimes sad, sometimes positive, but always straight from the heart.

The genre of music floats somewhere between blues, rock ‘n’ roll, and country, with much care taken with the songwriting.  The first track “Maybe Next Time” instantly reminds me of a Drive-by Truckers tune with a Jason Issbell sensibility to songwriting.  When he mentions “West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee,” I am instantly intrigued, as these are some of my favorite states.  The chorus sings “I hate myself, for never asking your name.  Maybe next time…let there be next time.”  Many of the songs are love-themed and romantic, including the next song “Skyblanket,” which is a lovely song singing “sit on a porch, listen to the wind chimes, the smell of cold apples with you right by my side, lay on the ground on with a blanket made of sky–we will never come down.”  Some songs are slower ballads like, Track 3 “Restless, Reckless, and Ready” and Track 5 “Ain’t It All.”  Some tracks like “River Song” and “Broken Chain” feature a raw electric slide guitar adding to the gritty country feel.  The title track is 8th on the album, a lyrically driven country song once again about a memorable lady.  The album rounds out with Track 10 & 11 keeping the tempo upbeat and the feeling country, once again telling a story for the listener.

The Floorboards reminds me a bit of Gary Clark Jr., and is a must for any blues and country lovers.  You will be impressed by their polished sound and thoughtful lyrics.  You can currently vote for the band to play LOCKN’ where they would undoubtedly fit it well amongst the greats.

4 – River song – lap steel guitar

7 – Lee Highway mentions Borrowed Moon (and black stars)

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