by Chelsea Harper 

Surprise Attack has released their third EP entitled Water. This wraps up their series of EP’s they’ve released over the past year, including Earth and Fire. Surprise Attack was formed in Washington, DC, in 2015, and it is clear that their passion for music has grown stronger over the years, as well as the bond these band mates share.

The first track off the EP is “M.D.M.A,” starts off right with a groovy feel to it, with meaningful lyrics attached. You want to dance and contemplate life all at the same time. They keep this song light and fun, with the drums and guitar playing off each’s energy. You can hear how much fun they had when making this song.

Second up is “J.N.S.” This is a super up-beat song that reminds me of a summer love, warm feelings, and lots of dancing. “You’re my sunshine, baby, darling. Come on baby, let’s go party” from the first lyrics, you know it’s going to be a good time. They keyboard was the highlight on this track for me, I felt like it made the track even more bubbly.

The third track on Water is “Down and Out”, which starts out with only vocals that grab your attention and immediately has you hooked. The music hits you with a bluegrass feel, with the picking of the guitar making it stand out from the band’s previous groovy songs. I loved this song for many reasons, but the biggest was its meaning: life can suck, but your friends will make it better.

Finishing off Surprise Attack’s EP is “Train of Thought”. This song shows you the band’s jam skills, with a majority of the song showing off their true musical talents. The guitar is slowing jamming along, making you nod along to the melody. The longest song on the EP, “Train of Thought” transports you to a music festival on a warm summer night.

Surprise Attack finished off their EP series with a brilliant bang. You can feel how much fun this group has together, and that makes their music even more enjoyable to listen to.  I look forward to hearing more from Surprise Attack!