Written by Rachel Bessman

The much anticipated Euphoria Festival is returning for its sixth year in Austin, TX., and we can’t wait for it’s arrival. Held on the beautiful banks of the Colorado river in Carson Creek, April 7-10, Euphoria is truly a festival like none other.

Not only does Euphoria offer a killer lineup sure to please any crowd – with acts ranging from live sets of The Disco Biscuits, Moby, and Pretty Lights, to lesser known acts such as Manic Focus and Papadosio – it also offers a chance to connect with the community and grounds. By engaging in an eco-friendly focus to reduce impact, promote sustainability and permaculture, Euphoria will provide general education on how to reduce your eco-footprint, and opportunities to do so.

Euphoria has taken the initiative in being environmentally conscious by creating the movement, Ecophoria. Festival attendants will be encouraged to bring reusable water bottles and hydration backpacks and will have plenty of access to clean drinking water to rehydrate. There will also be onsite recycling and composting to reduce the amount of trash. Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help clean up, but for the first time attendees will have the opportunity to join in on a community “yard sale”, where participants can get rid of the items they no longer need to take home with them without simply throwing them away or leaving them behind.

They have partnered with surrounding non-profit organizations to promote environmental sustainability and educate people not just of our eco-footprint, but give them a real opportunity to easily join in and help. Partnering with organizations such as Keep Austin Beautiful and The Austin Permaculture Guild, Euphoria offers attendees a chance to give back to the community and promote a clean, sustainable environment.

There are two more exciting new additions to the Euphoria Festival that create an even more spiritual and artistic environment for attendees. For the first time this year, Euphoria has partnered with Art Outside to create more immersive workshop experiences with Art, Yoga, and more at their Art Outside Village.

Not only can you further your body and mind, you now have the opportunity to strengthen and further your love with your partner. Euphoria has announced that they will now be holding wedding ceremonies. Believing that music and community have strong and lasting effects on love, Euphoria is providing the opportunity to make your love eternal in a beautiful and picturesque landscape, surrounded by togetherness and positivity. They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that you can have the wedding of your dreams at their picturesque landscape, with packages that include professional photography, hair and makeup, complimentary champagne and special “glamping” honeymoon suites, all sponsored by local Austin businesses.

After providing five years of an exceptional music and art experience, this sixth year promises to live up to the name itself, leaving anyone who goes feeling truly euphoric.


Euphoria Music and Art Festival will be held in Austin, TX April 6-9

Tickets, lineup, and more information at www.euphoriafest.com


How to get involved with Ecophoria

Learn more about Ecophoria and what you can do onsite at the festival here

Sign up for the Carson Creek clean up on March 25th

Get involved with Ecophoria’s partner, non profit organization Keep Austin Beautiful

Learn more about Ecophoria’s permaculture partner Austin Permaculture Guild


Weddings at Euphora

You can learn more about weddings held at Euphoria, where you can sign up to have your ceremony and choose packages here . Please be advised that you do need to register in advance, and will have to obtain a marriage license prior to ceremony.


Art Outside Workshops

If you would like to apply to run a workshop, or learn more about the workshops offered at Euphora, visit euphoria-fest.com/art-outside