Paradise Music and Arts Festival Preview

April 28- May 1, 2016, Pomeroy, OH

Written by Elisha Gud.

Have you ever thought of the saying ‘Fun in Paradise’ and what it actually means? I have, plenty of times. I have questioned what paradise really is, or how I can be a part of such a time that feels like I am in paradise. The Essential Productions crew has been working extremely hard for the past two years to create a music festival with a paradise-like feel. What they have created and grown from is exactly that.

Paradise Music and Arts Festival has been underway and will now be entering its third year as a music and arts festival.  The festival started out at a smaller venue in Hustonville, KY called Echo Acres. The land had everything they needed to start a music festival: camping areas, a small lake and enough room for the expected turnout for a first and second year music festival. This year Paradise has outgrown Echo Acres and is ready for a move to Wisteria Campground in Pomeroy, OH. The new location while it is noticeably larger than the previous venue is well equipped with built in stage areas, community fire pits, numerous unique forest spaces, hiking trails, and every festival goers favorite; hot showers. Paradise wouldn’t be paradise without a watering hole, Wisteria campground is home to a beautiful swimming pond surrounded by a beach and trees, perfect for when you need a mid day dip to cool off from all of the dancing.

To top off one of the best camping experiences you will have all summer the Essential Production team is bringing you top notch bands and musical acts you won’t want to miss. This year’s lineup includes two sets from Papadosio, three nights of Pink Talking Fish, two sets of Turbo Suit, Ekoostik Hookah, Aqueous, Vibe Street, The Floozies, and Peridoni. With Oh Kee Pa making an appearance to rock out with some heady Phish tunes, and the creation of what is being called The Paradise Ensemble featuring members from Pink Talking Fish, Steve Sweney, Dave Katz, Turbo Suit, and Dino Dimitrouleas.

If you need a break from dancing, don’t worry, there will be plenty more to do. Throughout the day on Friday and Saturday you will have the opportunity to explore and be a part of many different workshops. ‘The Home Dome’ presented to you by Joshua Morrow and Angie Skeen will be serving as the workshop headquarters with these two as the workshop hosts and coordinators.  Workshops will range anywhere from Laughter Yoga with Patrick Welage, Iyengar Style Asana Introspection Yoga, where Bobby Kuhlenberg will teach us yoga through proper alignment and energetic points through posture. Lucid Dreaming and the Infinite Self with Zef Vee, Permaculture: Backyard Revolutions to Address Global Problems with Christopher Cox, and the Paradise Parade with Adam Elfers—which trust me, you won’t want to miss. So gear up for an adventure to Paradise with all of your favorite bands, friends, and the forest for a weekend full of music, arts and exciting opportunities to learn and make new friends at Paradise Music and Arts festival.