Jeremey Pinnell’s Goodbye LA is a collection of songs that inspires listeners to reflect on country music’s greatness. It is inaccurate to call this a pure country record. There’s much more here. This is a collection of songs that evokes spirits of the fishing hole and then transports us to the honky-tonk dance floor. It combines passionate songwriting with dynamic musicianship to make this a completely well-rounded album that you’ll find yourself leaving on repeat. 

This record leaves various impressions. The opening tune “Big Ol’ Good” is fueled by dirty guitars, pocket percussion and is a clear example of the evolution of Southern Rock. The next track , “Wanna Do Something” sounds like a homage to Waylon Jennings but simultaneously gives a nod to Delbert McClinton’s “Every Time I Roll The Dice.” It perfectly illustrates the insatiable feeling creatives face when they feel they should take a more conventional route but can’t resist the urge to fulfill their creative destiny.

Red Roses provides a sweet change in direction. It’s a smooth ballad with soulful crisp electric guitar. I especially enjoyed the dreamy interlude near the midpoint of the song. Pinnell shows vocal versatility on this song exhibiting an impressive vocal range. Nighttime Eagle screams Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. It’s a quick shuffle littered with snappy country guitar licks. This tune is chicken pick’n at its finest. 

The remainder of the album shows solid continuity. The songs complement each other and conjure up images of scenic drives, dancing in smoky barrooms, and raw emotion. It expresses feelings of longing and temptation in contrast with knowing where to find stability.

The title track Goodbye L.A” is a story of trying to balance a relationship while working in L.A. knowing that although there are plenty of “pretty ladies” the environment needed to nourish a family life can only be found at home. This leaves the listener with an awareness of the transient life of an artist longing for their loved ones back home. This is a genuine struggle for musicians who face the challenge of chasing a career while maintaining their role as a provider for their family. 

Goodbye LA will be available on October 1st, 2021 via Sofaburn Records. Currently the music video for the song “Wanna Do Something” is listed on Sofa Burn’s Youtube Channel here Visit to pre-order your copy of Goodbye LA. This is a marvelous album for lovers of the legendary Bakersfield songwriters, ZZ Top, and Blues. It will resonate with those chasing their artistic dreams, and being unable to resist the sound of the creative call.