Bold Riley

A sea song of forever longing. ⁣

A heart that has run away with the waters, one left behind waiting for the call.⁣

High winds and high seas.⁣

A farewell.⁣

A beloved’s cry. ⁣


In Peia we found a third sister. Together we learned this song on a sailboat many moons ago. Polished it off enough to bring it out here in the open, but left it dirty enough to hear the roots and grit still hanging on. Singing old songs is a richness hard to put to words. A complex and necessary currency. ⁣

Connecting us to source.⁣

To story.⁣

To women and lineage and everything passed on and yet to come. ⁣


As women of Celtic Isle and European descent, living in North America, we often find ourselves cut off at the roots. Disconnected from our ancestry and the rituals that have made up our blood and bones since time immemorial. Each of us have gathered songs & stories from our many years as bards, from our travels as well as from the celtic lands of our ancestors, to find a way back to our own homes within ourselves. Piece by piece. Gather tidbit by tidbit and begin the tapestry. We collect this song as a little piece of lore, a thread back to the old style of shanty singing, a forlorn love song, a way to hold memory, and a hardening of a simpler time, full of the kind of romance that we perhaps ache for.⁣

🌊 ⁣

Invitation : bring to your minds eye mossy stones and a distant fiddle tune while you sit back around your fire lit hearth. Let this old song take you somewhere ancient. To your own original and perfectly unique root. Somewhere fruitful. Somewhere knowing… to a time of rituals and studies of the tides. ⁣

Let us return to that place, that elsewhere.

Our Patreon is Now Live!

We made a thing. ⁣

A new little online creature to pave the way for some honest avenues of connection between our world and yours. You know it’s not an easy thing for us-self promoting. It has always felt a bit soul-sucking and exhausting to try and sell our artistry or sounds. We pour our souls into our work, and hope that it is enjoyed by whoever it touches… (and plus, so often the VERY best artists are absolute hermits, holed up in a corner somewhere making their madd creations with no idea how to market a damn thing !!) ⁣

But we try to straddle many worlds. To be in the garden and at the temple. To try and hold our own as business women while still giving ourselves time to be locked into our studios making art simply for art sake, self preservation, and service. These days much of our work has become internal for ourselves and our whole band, and we are all spending more and more time in the process of making- less time online. It has been a beloved -albeit odd-gift, this enormous and globally enforced pause.⁣

We will continue to stay mostly in our own creative processes , taking advantage of this time as a quiet time to strengthen. HOWEVER, we launched a new way that you can be involved in our work from a digital perch. It is called PATREON and it has taken us many many hours to develop, but now we have finally done it. And actually we are proud of it. This is not just some mediocre webpage to buy tee shirt, we have built a campaign that we feel is unique to our honest process of creativity and a way that you can be involved in actually supporting the arts. It includes curated reading lists, direct links to our favorite social justice organizations, live videos from corners of the world, unreleased footage, and early access to our herbal medicine lines, new art prints, and new music. Plus a lot more.

This quarter our Patreon will be featuring and donating funds to One Common Unity, an organization that aims to break cycles of violence and build compassionate, healthy communities through the transformative power of music, arts, and peace education.

We send this out with authentic hope that it provides a method to continue to see art as a primary part of our global culture, a public service, and a birthright. ⁣

You are our champions , and we Thank You for even considering this option of stewardship.⁣


Link below.

Thank you.

📸- @sydwoodward_