Brooklyn-based jam quartet Escaper announced the release of their third studio album, Apotheosis. Recorded and mixed by John Davis at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, the album is the band’s first release with their new four-piece lineup. Apotheosis is Escaper’s first release in over two years – the band is clearly back with a vengeance. The six-track album carefully traverses a myriad of soundscapes, carefully blending musical complexity with toe-tapping accessibility. 

“This album represents change and growth. For us as a band, as well as individually. There is a progression of thought as we arrive at our 3rd album… a “Vista” point as the opening track. This brings us to the “Open Sky”, the first single from the album, where we feel a freedom of being. In sheer Escaper way of breaking free of confinement and allowing our most true selves through. The idea of Apotheosis reflects the climb of self-actualization.”  -Will Hanza (Guitar, Vocals) 

Escaper is:
Will Hanza – 
Guitar, Vocals
Ricky Petraglia
– Drums, Percussion
Phil Kadet – Keys, Synth, Mellotron, Piano, Vocals
Jay Giacomazzo – Bass 



Engineered & Mixed By John Davis @ The Bunker Studio 
Co-produced by Escaper and John Davis
Mastered By Alex DeTurk @ The Bunker Studio

Artwork : Matthew Chase

Press Photo by Chris Capaci




  1. the highest point in the development of something; culmination or climax.