Denver-based jam-fusion band, Chompers has released a brand new single “Blind Octopus Head Charles.” BOHC is a tribute to the greatest keyboard player that ever lived on this side of the Mississippi. It could also be described as a disco tribute to modern music’s most influential cephalopod. 

Chompers is comprised of Elie Herzog (bass/vocals), Alec Rankin (keys/vocals), Dennis Veazey (guitar), and Jeremy Deitz (drums), and for this track, they invited some very special guests. “Blind Octopus Head Charles” features Scott Flynn (ODESZA, Pretty Lights Live Band, Elephant Wrecking Ball) on trombone & trumpet and Neal Evans (Dopapod, Mom & Dad, Elephant Wrecking Ball) on percussion. 

The new single was produced and recorded by Neal Evans at his home studio, One Of These Studios, in Denver, CO. The track was mastered by Jason Randall, More Sound Studios, Syracuse, NY. 

Be sure to check out the documentary about the making of “Blind Octopus Head Charles” below, he is rarely mentioned in history books. 

“Keep an eye out for these boys, they are chomping their way onto the scene. Blind Octopus Head Charles is coming for your spaghetti so you better eat it now.” – Neal Evans

“I had a great time laying down horns on this song. I think it delivers what you expect from a title as fun and weird as “Blind Octopus Head Charles” – a successful blend of American groove and full-on psychedelia.” – Scott Flynn 

“We at Chompers felt it was our duty to pay tribute to Blind Octopus Head Charles, the greatest pianist to have ever lived on this side of the Mississippi. BOHC revolutionized music as we know it while overcoming formidable obstacles including the loss of his vision at age 5 due to a chemical spraying accident, and his development of an octopus head at age 12. Among his numerous accomplishments, he invented Disco and was a founding member of Chompers. With this song, we intend to celebrate his life and preserve the story of one of the most influential musicians of our time.” – CHOMPERS 

Chompers is known for their progressive rock, funk, electronica and hip-hop roots with an ethereal sound best described as jam-fusion. Chompers takes their music seriously; they just don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Two constants of their many facets are intricate compositions and humor. Chompers combine a lofty and ambitious approach to songwriting with effortless wit and personality to create tunes that are equally catchy and challenging. The four-piece delivers a little bit of everything, no filler, and tons of fun. They are ahead of the curve, a throwback to sounds that don’t exist yet, an enigma to classify and a blast to watch.

Check “Blind Octopus Head Charles” out on Spotify here