Birth of a Movement: Nicnac Enterprises Launches to the World 

New Era of Social Entrepreneur Aims to Alter the Foundation of the Scene with Nicnac Enterprises, Debuts New Ideas From a NYC Stage Fri. Nov. 14
Celebrating the Debut Nicnac Offers 75 Free Tickets to Concert Featuring The Werks & Zoogma 11/14 at Gramercy Theatre
Details Forthcoming on the Debut Nicnac Event – ‘Nicnac Soirée’ – Held in Asheville, NC February 7, Official UM After-Party Features Tauk, Members of UM & Very Special Guests

Truly difference-making entrepreneurs do more than just open companies, they change lives. Musically-Inspired founder Nicole Mase has done just that. By catalyzing a nationwide production network of next-gen dreamers, doers and musicians, Nicnac Enterprises, the first of her family of two sister companies will alter how people interact with their entertainment.

The launch party happens Friday, November 14 at the Gramercy Theater in New York City where Nicnac is offering 75 free tickets to see The Werks & Zoogma for people willing to be a catalyst in the movement. Before the performance, Asheville-based Mase will speak about the inspiration for the new companies and how the mission statement for each offers fans and musicians numerous creative solutions to a variety of challenges facing the scene. Those interested in the complimentary tickets can simply visit and the first 75 people to message the page and request tickets will get a response confirming one ticket awaits them at the will call at The Gramercy the night of November 14. Numerous musical surprises await those in attendance as Moog gear takes the center stage once again, for a cause.

Nicole with Chris and Rob of The Werks

Nicole with Chris and Rob of The Werks

Through a variety of different companies led by Ms. Mase, Nicnac Enterprises aims to be the change it aims to see in the world over the course of the following year. First, inspired by instrument creator Bob Moog, Bob’s Mob is a rotating super-group performing all over the nation with the mission to financially support struggling visual artists and musicians aiding them with grants to be able to purchase new equipment or fix old equipment. In a unique twist to the improvisational nature of the expansive idea, the majority of the band will be comprised of keyboardists with Moog instruments, a drummer, as well as a bassist and guitarist using Moog equipment. Bob’s Mob initial ‘KeyBoard of Directors’ includes Joel Cummins (Umphrey’s McGee), Steve Molitz (Particle), Todd Stoops (Kung Fu) and many more.

Another experience comes to life early in 2015 when the Nicnac Soiree happens in Asheville, NC on February 7.  The Official Umphrey’s McGee after party will be held that night at Asheville Music Hall featuring mind-melting improvisational music from members of Umphrey’s McGee, Tauk & more surprise special guests. Details are forthcoming and will be available at

Additional Enterprise projects include the Moderation Movement, with its focus centering around responsible celebration.  The Moderation Movement will offer a groundswell of support to keep friends focused on the fun through outreach to moderate, mediate and minimize substance intake at music events. Volunteers nationwide aim to engage the audience through activations sharing resources, advice and adding consciousness to the not-always-so-conscious party crowd. Interested people can visit and join this Facebook group at