Jeremy Garrett, who is known better for his fiddle work and resonating vocals in the bluegrass giant, The Infamous Stringdusters, just released his third solo studio album, Circles, on January 30, 2020 and it is yet another example of the range of his musical ability. Not only that, but you can see once again, what an impact The Dusters have had on the bluegrass community by the number of artists that collaborated on this effort. This album stands out through Garrett’s ability to take the listener on an emotive journey through his life. Tracks like “I Can’t Lay Your Lovin’ Down” & “What Would We Find” show a softer side to Garrett as his poetic lyrics express a more poignant side of Jeremy’s love life. Each track has outstanding vocal work and in “I Can’t Lay Your Lovin’ Down,” you can hear some incredible layered guitar picking that carries the listener along like a wayward soul. “What Would We Find”, featuring co-writing from Darrell Scott, sent goosebumps up my spine upon first listen and when one digs into the lyrics, you can get a deep sense of love for life and others.

For those looking for a little something to kick up some dust to, then look no further than the opening track “I Am Who I Am” – this outstanding track will certainly be a favorite off the album. The track really hits home and lets the listener know what type of journey they are about to embark on. “Travel Light”, which features co-writing from Jon Weisberger and fiddle-playing from Jeremy himself, is another standout on the album.

Jeremy Garrett. Photo by J.Mimna Photography

You can tell that Garrett put in the time to really connect with his lyrics and did not shy away from both showcasing his musical ability on the guitar, fiddle and mandolin, but also made sure that his voice rang out with that Americana vibe that he is known for. This eight-track album is a quick listen, but is one that should not be missed. For those fans of bluegrass and Americana you would be remiss to not check this one out.   Buy the album directly from Jeremy in his shop.

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