Album Review:

Rubix Wheel, Dream Free

Written by Amanda Marcazo

When I first stumbled into the jam scene, I was in search of peace. I like to say I was in search of a feel that came from a sound. Mostly, I thought I was kind of crazy to have such a thought until I realized how much of that concept is alive and well in Jam music. Every time I come across a band that really understands that idea, I have to smile. That is what I thought when I first heard Rubix Wheel.

With a soulful, 60’s free-love feel, this Ohio trio takes you on a trippy, winding road to jam paved with rock and prog grooves on their new album, Dream Free. The songs are well constructed and present a genuine sense of peace. Who can possibly argue with that? They bring a tried and true recipe for that jam sound to the table that rings familiar while still feeling fresh and new.

The song “Feels” opens the record with that tasty old school and true jam band flavor. The guitar is plucky and soaring while the bass holds a steady and deliciously thick groove. I like the way the drums and keys get laced through each song on this album. I also really dig the song “Heal These Wounds.” It has a hopeful feel and peaceful jam vibe with great storytelling lyrics. “Skip to House of Fright.” It gives you that trippy, strange prog-rock feel with its distorted vocals and steady groove, topped off with that cool guitar solo cherry on top. There is a little bit in every direction on this record.

That throwback jam vibe is where it’s at with Rubix Wheel. It’s a summer day in grassy fields with a pretty girl. It’s beers around a campfire with friends. It’s a perfectly clear beach morning. The vibe is just good. But more than that, it’s hopeful. I think we can all use more of that these days and if these gents bring even a portion of that feel to their live shows, the world will be all the better for it.