Today April 17, 2019 the funky jam rock band from Rhode Island known as Northeast Traffic released their EP Magnet Man, recorded by Anthony Cimino at Mojo Studios in Franconia Notch, NH this past December  The five track EP shows their solid direction in progressive rock with some seriously funky pockets and fantastic rock vocals, giving this jam band a unique and robust sound all their own.  Their music is at once reminiscent of Dopapod and Muse, with hard rock riffs, time signature change-ups, and synth-y keyboards. Whether you enjoy flaming guitar solos or deep grooves, I think everyone can agree that Magnet Man ROCKS!

The EP opens with “Magnet March,” an intriguing intro of synth and cymbals to gear you up for the seamless transition into Track 2 – the title track “Magnet Man.”  “Magnet Man” bursts into an immediately funky groove with Dopapod-esque electro-synth noises and muscular vocals that remind me of Stone Temple Pilots. This upbeat song sets the tone for this deliciously funky and fun EP with lots of progressive rock flavor.  The next song “Pike’s Rebellion” continues with a fantastically weird riff and synth organ with soaring rock opera lyrics and vocals. I appreciate the guitars and organ playing with each other in a little breakdown at the end then joining with the drums to finish with a hard rock riff.  The next track “Erbium” is the first single that was released off the EP, and I can see why. It takes every dynamic element that makes Northeast Traffic shine–hard rock riffs, synth organ, funky grooves, different time signatures–and combines it all together in a seamless performance with a great guitar solo thrown in for good measure.  The final track “Unphased” keeps up the fast pace and rockin’ groove to round out the album with a final heater.

As I finish the EP I find myself wiping my brow and realizing this kick-ass album was making me sweat!  Northeast Traffic puts out some powerful music that I can only imagine is even more full-bodied live. Until things go back to normal, you can at least see Northeast Traffic work their live magic in their livestream on Saturday April 18 on Facebook.  You can stream Magnet Man on all major platforms and support the band by buying a copy on vinyl–coming soon.