Pigeons Playing Ping Pong‘s 9th annual Domefest in Bedford, PA is now just three weeks away. This year is sure to be a party for the books, with Pigeons playing five full-on funky sets and joined by their friends Broccoli Samurai, The Magic Beans, The Mantras, Mungion, The Fritz, Squaring The Circle and more. P4’s lead singer Greg Ormont will also make his annual appearance as Scrambled Greg, whose sets are always fun, quirky and just an overall good time.

Today, Pigeons released the costume themes for each day of the festival, which have been an annual tradition at Domefest since we can remember. This year, pack your retro-inspired garments and accessories for Throwback Thursday, break out the psychedelic tie-dyes, bell bottoms and knee-highs for Flower Power Friday, and bling yourself out with glitter, gold and all things shiny for Super Shiny Saturday.


There are guaranteed to be many surprises in store for the Domies in attendance this year, including some potential on-stage collaborations like last year’s unforgettable Swift Technique sit-in with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. So bring your onesies, costumes and dancing shoes, but most importantly… bring yourself!

Tickets are still available but there is a very limited supply left and online sales end on May 15. This event is sure to sell out, so grab your pass today and jump on the party train with your friends and the hottest and fastest rising psychedelic funk band in the scene today.

Domefest Tickets

DOMEFEST 2018 ARTIST LINEUP: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong (x5), Broccoli Samurai, The Magic Beans (x2), The Mantras, McLovins, Mungion, The Fritz, Vibe & Direct, Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers, Backup Planet, Strange Machines, Flux Capacitor, Formula 5, West End Blend, Deaf Scene, Cycles, ShwizZ, Scrambled Greg, Squaring The Circle, Mateo Monk, Ernie Johnson From Detroit, Headless Robot, Schwa

The 9th annual Domefest returns to Fort Royale Farm in Bedford, PA on May 17-19, 2018 for another three-day celebration of music, friendship and life! Nestled in Will’s Mountain, Fort Royale Farm is a beautiful and expansive property that’s blanketed with trees for ample shaded camping. The intimate-yet-spacious concert area is set up perfectly for Domefest’s signature music schedule of no overlapping sets, featuring plenty of grassy dancing space in front of the gorgeous wooden main stage and side stage, plus a late night stage in the woods. Enjoy a selection of tasty food vendors (including vegetarian/vegan options) and unique craft vendors on site, plus complimentary workshops on Friday and Saturday.