Photo by Jordan August

Written by Elise Olmstead

Squaring the Circle is making some big moves in the jam music scene — and all month long will be hosting a residency at our beloved Baltimore venue, The 8×10.  With special guests, themes, and plenty of friends and fun, you won’t want to miss out on these Wednesday shows.  THIS WEDNESDAY they will be joined by The Main Squeeze!  RSVP now!

We talked to keyboardist Tyler Facinoli about what’s in store..

How long has Squaring the Circle been a band? What would you describe your sound?

We started playing together in the winter of 2014 and finally played our first show on January 31, 2015!  So I guess we’re almost three years old!  Some days it feels like it’s been just a blip in time, and other days it’s like “Wow I actually look younger in that picture! Jeez.”

The foundation of our sound has always been rooted in progressive rock, syncopation and some heavy funk.  Though as we continue to grow together, we’ve developed some songs with a dancy folk feel and others with a heavily distorted raging rock sound.  Hard to describe (which is a good thing).  For composing, some of our main influences would be Soulive, Zappa, Steely Dan, The Band, and Rush.  Though our jamming, soloing, and improv sections are influenced by anything we are listening to or playing at that time.  That keeps things fresh and different all the time!

Picture of Squaring the Circle at The 8×10 by Jordan August

What do you love about playing the 8×10 and why are you excited about this upcoming residency?

The 8×10 is our home away from home, our life away from life, and it certainly has our heart.  With the four of us combined, we have probably played over 100 shows there. And attended even more! The owners, Brian and Abigail, have put so much of their love into it and that love seeps into all the people that walk through the door.  The vibe is actually just like you guys at Jamwich and Mad Tea Party! Love LOVE Love! This residency is particularly exciting because we have the opportunity to bring in a bunch of out-of-state bands for just the first or second time!  Everybody wants to play at The 8×10 because they’ve made it the beating heart of the Baltimore live music scene.

How did you think of the themes for each night?

The themes were easy! Step 1. Who do we want to pay homage to? Step 2. Can we make it the best show possible? Step 3. Gather super talented special guests. Step 4. Execute.

Themes are: 10/11: Santana. 10/18 : “STC Greatest Hits Vol. 3” It’s all originals both old and new. 10/25 is RUSH!

What bands will be playing with you? Any you haven’t played with before? Which band are you most excited to play with?

So many great lineups each week!  Most of them we’ve never played with before, so we’re honestly excited to play with ALL of them.  I guess it’s pretty cool to have After Funk come from Canada and The Main Squeeze with us on their national tour!

What’s your favorite kind of taco?

Trick question? Taco Olmstead!

Not a trick? Ok. Taco Olmstead AND probably some kind of blackened shrimp and slaw.

Should we bring you tacos at the residency?

Ummmmm…..well we might as well put “Tacos” on the guest list haha!

Seriously though why can’t we miss this residency?

For real, for real.  We are so proud of what we are putting out there for everyone now.  And we’re getting such a great response.  Many early Saturday mornings and late weeknights preparing material to cover artists we love and utilizing our talented friends as our special guests to make it a party that you don’t want to miss…..and tacos.