By: Reed Yearwood

“No Our Love Will Not~~” I hope you know the rest! NOT FADE AWAY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2017 will kick off this coming Thursday August 31-September 4 2017. 4 days absolutely JAM packed with music! This particular fest-obsessor can’t wait to get out to Quail Ridge Lake in Aldie, Virginia. Nestled not even an hour west of D.C. This festival is an exclusive treat for the greater DMV area and is sure to kick your spirit into HIGH gear!

Family comes first at NFA, centralized upon the mantra ~Love is Real~ If the only band you ever listen to is the Grateful Dead you will be sore if you miss out. Alas, there is an extensive variety to include music lovers of all ages. In fact, the disparity among artists ranges from fiddle-pickin’ bluegrass to ground-shaking basshouse. Rest assured, the tunes at this year’s NFA will jump you right out of your seat so long as you’re not already standing in awe, jaw-agape, lovingly stunned by the sheer talent that is gracing this year’s stages. Featuring! John K, Zach Deputy, The Heavy Pets, Rumpke Mtn Boys, this year is hotter than fire! Live Dead ‘69, The Grass Is Dead, Better Off Dead– getting the picture yet?! Polish your dancing shoes and get down with Joe Nice, Bassdread, Dubloadz, Mantis, and so much more music freshly squeezed from day to day, morning ~through~ night. 55 musical acts will all be there (late of Pablo Fanque’s Fair) what a scene! LIVE painting, fire spinning & flow arts, on site camping & swimming! Plenty of food && craft vending; needs are taken care of so you can enjoy a long, carefree, weekend holiday.

“`There are going to be times,’ says Kesey, `when we can’t wait for somebody. Now you’re either on the bus or off the bus. If you’re on the bus, and you get left behind, then you’ll find it again. If you’re off the bus in the first place–then it won’t make a d**n.’ And nobody had to have it spelled out for them. Everything was becoming allegorical, understood by the group mind, and especially this: `You’re either on the bus…or off the bus.”

~Tickets can be purchased at the gate or in advance here.