August 24-27 2017

Infinity Downs Farm, Arrington Virginia

Written by: Maria Ekaterina Photo by: Roger Gupta -Lockn’ 2016


Lockn’ Music Festival returns to Arrington Virginia for the fifth year on August 24th through the 27th. Infinity Downs Farm is ready to welcome you to a four day experience of non-stop world class music, local food & beer and so much more, all set amidst the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Creators of Lockn’, Dave Frey and Peter Shapiro, bring together their sense of innovation, creativity and environmentally conscious initiatives to create one of the best and most unique music events of the Summer.

Having been to Lockn’ Music Festival in 2014 and 2016, I can personally say every year is filled with legendary musical acts, once in a lifetime sit-ins and collaborations and phenomenal all around atmosphere. This year Phil Lesh and Bob Weir celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Grateful Dead’s iconic album, Terrapin Station, by performing it in full, live on Friday night with Nicki Bluhm and many other special guests.

Photo by Roger Gupta Lockn’ Festival 2016

The weekend at Infinity Downs Farm is packed with great music by Umphrey’s McGee, The Revivalists, Mighty Joshua, String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams, John Fogerty, TAUK, Sun-Dried Opossum, The Avett Brothers, John Butler Trio, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and many more that are taking over Lockn’s stages with their memorable performances. You won’t have to miss a beat of the music as Lockn’s rotating stage, allows you to set up your area and enjoy a continuous stream of music all day and night. Lockn’ Music Festival is known for bringing together unforgettable collaborations throughout the weekend.


“This year we’re excited about Ann Wilson playing with Government Mule. Nobody sings Led Zeppelin songs like Ann Wilson. She’s going to come out front with Government Mule, and they’re going to crush some Led Zeppelin songs! It’s going to be unbelievable!” -Dave Frey


In preparation for this year’s Lockn’ a lot has changed from the way it was in previous years. I asked Dave Frey what advice would he pass on to the Lockn’ family 2017 before they arrive on festival grounds?


“I think the biggest thing is, our show is a music festival. I hope people are open minded, or like minded to the types of bands we have, because that’s what’s first, and most primary. If you like good Rock music, and Jam Bands, and people who really know how to play their instruments, then you’re going to like our show. I have such a great partner -Peter Shapiro. We go way back, we’ve known each other a long time. He works various venue -Brooklyn Bowl and The Capitol Theater, up in New York. Peter and I book shows and bands that we would like to see. It’s literally been, nine months of work, in preparations for this years Lockn’.


“Other than music we’re focusing on the experience. We’re trying to book a show we’d like to go to. You try to put yourself in the patrons shoes. How are the bathrooms? How far of a walk is it from the farthest campsite to the show field? Those kinds of things. We don’t have five bands playing on five stages all at the same time. We’ve been constantly tweaking it. Especially now that we own the property. Each year, we’ve been able to make some improvements, and sometimes they know what it is, and other times they don’t.


“This year we’ve taken a huge leap and brought the whole show to our property. The entire show in one basic area that has two stages. So with that it’s going to make it super easy for the walk back and forth. In the past the farthest walk, from the farthest campsite was about a mile, now it’s 3/8 of a mile, that’s going to be significant. Also, now that the track is open, when we bring everyone in on Thursday, we’re putting everybody on the track. We can fit about 10,000 vehicles. We can bring in people a lot faster than in previous years. There are less traffic issues, and weather issues, it’s a better setup and better arrangement.”

2017 is a big year for Lockn’ Music Festival. Regardless of how many times you’ve been in previous years, this year will be unlike any other. Lockn’ is planning to have a modified concert venue, moving away from the dusty horse track while allowing campers to camp much closer to the main stage. Festival participants will have more time to enjoy music and less time walking to and from campsites. But these aren’t the only accommodations available to festival goers this year. To keep you comfortable and cool throughout the weekend, public misting stations will be provided for those looking to cool off during the summer heat.


Check out the schedule so you don’t miss Avett Brothers taking the stage with the legend himself Bob Weir, of the Grateful Dead. Having Hot Tuna and Jefferson Airplane’s Jorma Kaukonen perform a special set featuring Moonalice is going to be nothing short of unforgettable. Get ready to stomp your feet and indulge in Virginia’s natural beauty while enjoying the intertwined influences of Rock, Blues, Psychedelic, Alternative, Bluegrass, and Acoustic Jams throughout the weekend.

Late Night at Lockn’ 2016 Photo by Roger Gupta

Having locally sourced food, beer, wine and bands native to Virginia, allows festival goers to experience authenticity through numerous outlets. Lockn’ festival enhances its surrounding community throughout the year by giving back thousands of dollars raised through their Participation Row of nonprofit organizations. Don’t forget to give thanks through your actions and bring one or more non perishable items for the Nelson County Food Pantry.

For those wanting to enjoy Lockn’ without the worry of setting up and taking down a tent, you can rent a comfortable and cozy Glamping Tent meant for 2-4 people.

Kids 12 and under are free, with proof of identification using either their report cards, or birth certificate for legitimacy purposes. What are you waiting for? Come join the Lockn’ family at Infinity Downs Farm, in Arrington Virginia to experience a music festival unlike any other. Filled with authentic love, some of the best local food, beer, wine and moments of music you’ll carry within yourself for the rest of your days. It’s the do not miss event of the summer.

Tickets are going fast, so grab yours while they’re still available:

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