Written by Lisa Koenigshofer


Power trio Lord Electro polishes their primarily improvisational electro-jam sound in their new multi-faceted album, Business.  Rooted in Albany, New York, the group has been both touring the Northeast and spending time in the studio since their self-titled album release in 2015.  The live electronica group is comprised of synth slayer Dan Gerken, bass synth wizard Steve Mink, and Jordan LeFleur laying down the rhythm on drums.  The ambitious trio has shared the stage with other impresive acts such as The New Deal, G-nome Project, Aqueous, Flux Capacitor, and Roots of Creation.  Business was recorded at The Recording Company in Esperance, NY and was produced by Tim Lynch and Dan Gerken.  Its eleven tracks are composed of colorful synth combinations and drum patterns that will take you on a fifty-two minute trip through space and time.

The first and longest track titled “Business fuses elements of house, exploratory jam, and spacey synth work.  Initially, I was surprised to hear strings of lyrics on the track. Though it wasn’t long before I caught myself singing along to the catchy upbeat tune, “go about your business, cause I don’t need a witness.”A soulful, yet groovy reminder to mind your business, and keep your train moving forward with intention.

The second track “Equinox” is uplifting in tempo, and overflowing with effects to awaken your spirits. The visionary sound of “Equinox” opened an energetic gateway for me to retreat to a reflective safe haven.

I found myself in a meditative state through the next four tracks, finding solace in the waves of their unique sound.

The ninth track “The Slumber,” moved me out of my trance-like state, and into a place ready to receive with empathy.  Evoking strong emotion through tales of struggle, I could feel the pain, reflection, and hope for the future in the lyrics.  “The Slumber” is the soundtrack to overcoming your vices, trials and tribulations.  Folding out of “The Slumber” and into “Reflections,” Lord Electro channels a progressive beat with undeniably funky elements in this tune.  The final track, “Sub Zero,” takes off on a synchro-sonic wave of rippling synths, leaving you wanting more.

A beautiful take away from this album is the energetically eclectic nature of each individual track, offering the listener space to create their own narrative and experience while the band cultivates an atmosphere of spacey synths and cosmic rhythm.

“You can remain with the game, if you’re humble.”   – The Slumber