Written by Cecilia Leavitt

Broccoli Samurai

Broccoli Samurai and ELM-Electric Love Machine at Blue Fox Billiard, Winchester, VA, March 11, 2017.

We all piled into the dimly lit bar area, people shedding layers of outerwear to toss on the few wall mounted tables and make their way to congregate in front of the stage. Friends greeted one another as Broccoli Samurai took the stage. The crowd surged forward, ready for anything.

People drew back to allow room for those who wanted to hoop or dance, and they kept the space in front of the vending table open for people to get through and look at the amazing work Danielle Dixon provided with her Soulflow Market wares.  I can honestly say I have never met such a polite crowd, it was a form of savior-faire in its own way.

Guitarist Michael Vincent

The bass heavy electronica of Broccoli Samurai flowed over the audience, whipping them into a frenzy of bright colors and pumping limbs.  The band had great stage presence and a welcoming aura, becoming very amiable with folks in the crowd.  Their guitarist, Michael Vincent, has really stepped into a lead role over the last year and combines technical chops and great feel. They left the stage to tumoltuous applause, greeting fans and accepting congratulations with gratitude.

ELM – Electric Love Machine

After a short break, ELM was set up and ready to go with a willing audience on their tip toes with anticipation.  The crowd would surge forward with an air of happy nostalgia every time an 80’s classic was played, from My Sharona to Hungry Like the Wolf  but with a psychedelic flare.  Their original pieces also pumped up the crowd into a dreamy, fast-paced dance free-for-all, each groove flowing seamlessly into the next.

The night drew to a close, the audience in a state of content delirium,  as people collected their things and ELM started breaking down and greeting fans. The show was feel-good jam/dance session that you never wanted to end with an eclectic mix of progressive fusion, gutter funk, and the good old classics.

ELM – Electric Love Machine

ELM is on tour for spring as they work on their next album, which they expect to finish in the next few months. “We’ll be heading to Colorado in April, we’re really excited for that” said keyboardist Jon Brady in an interview before the show.  The band hopes to start working on a bunch of new things, from songs to merchandise.

“We’re working on staying in the studio and on the road as much as possible” said bassist Alex Lang.  So if you get the chance try and make it out to one of their shows.