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Written by Sam Stratton

For most of the summer of 2016, I was a very stubborn person in the way that I did not like to carry a cooler around. Having to worry about getting ice, and then keep it from melting during one of the hottest summers on record, was too much of a hassle for a traveler like me. So while the ingredients for this recipe tailor to a cooler-less lifestyle, you can really improve the quality of your meal and ingredients if you’re willing to do a little extra work.  While this meal is best suited to eat out of a bowl, a pan is prefered for cooking it.

Breakfast Stir-Fry:

For this recipe you will need




-Bell Pepper

-Garlic Salt

-Any other veggies you want

Before we start cooking, as with any good recipe, we need to do some prep. If you have not already purchased your vegetables, now is an excellent time to see if the festival you’re attending has a farmers market present. Between all the protein and fat in the meal, this is a great opportunity to balance the stir-fry to get a bunch of other nutrients in! The last time I did this I unexpectedly ended up adding some radishes to the recipe and it came out great. I consider bell pepper necessary not because of the nutrients, but just because it gives a degree of tastiness to it all. So take this time to dice up all your vegetables and set them aside.

To start, all you need to do is fry up some bacon and while a lot of us like to dig out on the almighty bae of khan, two strips should do it. I have a tendency to buy the ready to eat microwavable bacon for two reasons; it doesn’t require refrigeration (at least not until you open the package), and because it has a tendency to be really crispy, which is good because we need it to be crushed up for the final product. Once your bacon is fried, set it aside in a separate dish.

Now hopefully you should have a greasy pan. Perfect. Without trying to advertise, this is when I empty a bag of ready-made Uncle Ben’s spanish or garden vegetable rice into the pan. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, I recommend taking the time to make a nice pot of brown jasmine rice. If you cook it right, it will always come out better than a bag of any microwavable rice and won’t contain as many preservatives. Continuing, add a little bit (a half cup at most) of water if the rice seems dry or you want it to cook faster.

When the rice is almost done, go ahead and push it all to one side of the pan and make some free space. Crack an egg or two in the free space and begin to beat it in the pan. Lets your stirred eggs sit in their corner for a minute to cook. This is a good time to add your salt to both the rice and the eggs. Once the eggs are half cooked, your rice should be almost done. Scramble your eggs into the rice and let it cook, lightly stirring every thirty seconds or so. Cut up your bacon if you haven’t already and throw it it. Make sure you throw in your vegetables last, heat will breakdown not only the vitamins but also the taste. Stir and mix to satisfaction.

And viola, you are now ready to eat and listen to your neighbors talk about how good your food smells.

P.S.     As filling as this meal is, there is no better breakfast than some good ole fruit. Starting your day with fruit has a lot of health benefits and the one I’m going to highlight here is one of detoxification. During the morning, your body undergoes a natural timely process of detoxification. Have you ever had a cold, and during the morning is when you feel the worst? That’s the process at work. Fruit not only aids this process, but also helps set you up for a more active day entirely.