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Written by James Shartzer

     Jahman Brahman, a five piece originally hailing from Columbus, Ohio and currently planting their roots down in Asheville, NC, has recently graced us with their newest album, Choose Your Channel. With Justin Brown & Casey Chanatry providing the guitars & vocals whilst Nate “Brother” Brown (Bass) & Chuck Knott (Drums) provide the groovy backbone of each track. Bringing it all together is Daniel Combs providing us with the “piano wizardry” that helps give the band their vastly unique sound. Choose Your Channel isn’t just an album, it is truly a mesmerizing journey.

     The album begins with “Malcolm”, an insanely groovy instrumental with a mellow tempo that straps you in and prepares you for the ride ahead. It then flows seamlessly into track two, “Hyperion vs. Cotahuasi”, which features Derrick Lee Johnson. They instantly kick things up a notch, releasing the floodgates of funk. The ship takes off with that initial jolt & shock that you can’t help but find irresistible. Guitar solos left & right with a fast paced psychedelic groove which makes sitting still while listening just about impossible. The song calms and leads once more into the next song.

     “Bookmark” is a more laid back, heartfelt track. The lyrics preach of love & hopefulness in an otherwise dark & gloomy existence. “Sometimes I can’t see the light but I don’t doubt it.” I also found what is now one of my favorite lyrics. “Perception is a wild beast and it roars if you never speak.” “Don’t Say Hurry” has a similar vibe but is more lyrically driven until the instrumental break with a gorgeous piano solo about halfway through.

     “Old Swamp Fox” switches things up with more of a folk feel without sacrificing that groovy sound. “Oddiction” keeps the funky folk going on a more serious note until the comic relief of the faux radio ad that leads into “Ice Cold Beaches”.With “Ice Cold Beaches” they return to a mind-blowing instrumental with a heavy psychedelic vibe. “Pretending” is the kind of song that gets stuck in your head all day. The vocals & harmonies are so wonderfully melodic and the positive & uplifting vibe of the song can brighten even the darkest moods.

     “Won’t you Be Mine” has you singing along by the end of the song with a mid tempo groove that rocks you back & forth. It ends with a somber string piece leading into “Shouting Quietly” featuring Franklin Keel. “Shouting Quietly” is an emotional ballad, switching up their sound once more. Last but not least, “Spendin’” is a ten minute track about taking that leap of faith. “All I’ve got is one last chance and I’m spendin’ it on you. Can I have this last dance? If I do, I won’t step on your shoes.”

This was my first taste of Jahman Brahman and I can honestly say I love it. You can pick up the album on their bandcamp and be sure to check out their Facebook for booking and event dates.