Written by Elise Olmstead

It’s an exciting time for College Park based band, Box Era, as they are working on their debut EP and hitting the ground running with a tour to support.  They’ll be playing with popular local jam bands such as Fractal Cat, Gang of Thieves, and ELM, their show with ELM coming up this Saturday January 28th.

Founded in early 2015, Box Era is still a fairly new band, but their sophisticated sound sings of years of experience.  Appalachian Jamwich was excited to listen to their first track, “Brunches,” released off their upcoming EP.  The EP is not yet titled, and was recorded in multiple locations in the DMV.

“Brunches” is a sensual, jazzy tune, with notes of R&B.  “Brunches was one of the first songs we wrote, and it’s our go-to sensual slow jam.”  The track includes sultry vocals and sexy saxophone, tempting the listener to close their eyes and be carried away to bliss. “The lyrics basically just talk about appreciating the value within a fleeting relationship, regardless of the relationship’s intensity. We cross paths with a lot of people in our lives, most for just brief moments. It’s interesting to think how the person you just held the door for will probably never see you again.”

The EP will not be all slow jams, though, and the band insists it will be a dance party.  The songs being recorded have all been tested on the road and will be reminiscent of a live show.  “Because it’s our debut, we wanted to give people a refined version of what they’ve seen us do live.”

Listen to their single, “Brunches,” and catch them at a show coming near you.  You’ll want to keep your eye on Box Era, as they are headed for big things!

Listen to “Brunches”:  https://soundcloud.com/boxeramusic/brunches

RSVP to the show on Saturday with ELM at Jammin Java in Vienna, VA: https://www.facebook.com/events/1864607793777055/




More upcoming shows:

1/28: Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA w/ ELM (Electric Love Machine)
2/3: BeClaws, Wheaton MD
2/22: Gypsy Sally’s, Washington, D.C. w/ Gang of Thieves
3/4: Dante’s, Frostburg, MD w/ Fractal Cat