Show Review:

TAUK, Consider the Source, Deaf Scene

Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, MD

Photos and words by Randy Harris

Ragin’ Randy Entertainment


TAUK is one of those bands that can simply do no wrong. I have never met a single person that has told me they either didn’t like TAUK or that they have ever seen a bad TAUK show. When this band comes to town, the show is automatically a must-see, whether they are opening or headlining. Naturally, when they announced their show at Baltimore Soundstage, I put it on my calendar immediately. Then, when I saw that their fellow New Yorkers, Consider The Source, and Baltimore locals Deaf Scene were opening the show, it became an instant classic before it was ever played. These three bands also have various connections with each other from past performances and even music education. The result was bound to be an epic performance, and it turned out to be nothing less.

Deaf Scene

Deaf Scene kicked off the night with their signature blend of progressive and psychedelic rock. The hometown heroes of Baltimore rock & roll were incredibly stoked to open up this show and managed to bring out a beyond respectable early crowd. The local power trio brought some serious heat to the familiar stage, and the crowd responded in turn. Deaf Scene immediately laid the groundwork for what would become an incredible showcase of instrumental rock.

Consider the Source

Consider The Source took over next, keeping the power trio theme intact. It is sometimes hard to find words to describe a band like Consider The Source, but their energy and talent are undeniable. The trio emits an incredible amount of sound for three members, and they are not afraid to get weird. Their eclectic version of rock & roll is effectively a middle finger to pop music, as if to say, “We’re gonna do it our way and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.” Anyone who is even slightly musically inclined, however, can tell you the amount of talent and musicianship that it takes to play their music, weird as it may sound to the untrained ear. By the end of their set, the venue had heartily filled in, and the crowd was left reeling for more as we began the transition into TAUK.


With the stage thoroughly warmed up, TAUK took the stage in front of an excited, eager crowd. Everyone I know has a different way of describing this band, but one thing is absolutely certain. When TAUK is on stage, they bring the heat every single time. A TAUK show is like a journey into a new dimension. Their music is heavy but uplifting, and their performance thrives off of the energy of their avid fans. The band led us to the moon and back in Baltimore, throwing down a powerful set of both new and classic tunes. The lights flooded the stage, and their deep sound filled the room with rolling bass, ripping guitar, psychedelic keys and tight drums. The crowd definitely came to party, nearly filling Soundstage to the rafters. TAUK never missed a beat, as usual, and they left the stage scorching hot to cap off a killer night of music.

TAUK’s new album, Sir Nebula, is out now, and the band has just a couple more gigs left in 2016 before they team up with Lettuce for NYE and beyond.