Jones For Revival Releases New Single “Just a Little Lovin” from Upcoming Full Length Album

By Elise Olmstead

The beloved Ohio pyschedelic rock band Jones For Revival, is getting back to the studio and working on some new material.  The band has rapidly been cranking out some amazing music, releasing a new album every year since 2014.  In anticipation of their next album release, which will be in the Spring of 2017, Jones for Revival released their new single, “Just a Little Lovin,”  October 25th, 2016, on their bandcamp.  It was recorded at Central 8 Studios in Akron, Ohio, and engineered by Nate Dout.

The upbeat single drips with funky basslines, is peppered with bluesy guitar riffs, features soulful vocals, all with a tinge of Allman Brothers flavored jams.  It’s a playful tune with sweet lyrics, singing “Just a little lovin’ and we’ll get along.” If this song is an indicator of what is to come, I am forecasting a feel-good album with plenty of genre-blending and danceable rhythms.  “It’s more of a pop/jam sound which we have been doing from the beginning,” Jimmy DeCapua says of the single, “but this song introduces a lighter, more serious side of the band and offers depth not only musically, but vocally and lyrically as well.”

Lyrics to “Just a Little Lovin”:

My girl makes me feel good when she knows I feel bad
Rubbin on my dome when she thinks I feel sad
Nothing I can do, very little I can say
Gotta make it through just another day

My life’s a little breezy sometimes it’s tough
Like a needle in the hay I’m a diamond in the rough
They tell me take it easy man it always goes wrong
Just a little lovin’ and we’ll all get along

Looking for the sun but there’s clouds and there’s rain
I see a storm a brewin’ and I’m feeling insane
Nothing I can do, very little I can say
Just a little lovin’ and it all goes away

It’s hard to think about today when you’re worried about tomorrow
Walk a mile in some shoes I got a pair you can borrow
Nothing I can do, very little I can say
Just a little lovin’ and we’ll make it OK

You can listen to the single here.

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