by Joe Radgowski

Miss Red AKA Israeli Dancehall MC Sharon Stern

While the world is Buzzing about Trap, Cardi-B, Nicki Minaj and 3 Migos now household names, a little known Genre’ “Dancehall” is growing.

Dancehall is a Genre of Jamaican popular music that originated in the late 1970s. Initially, Dancehall was a more sparse version of Reggae than the roots style.

Born in Jamaica, Dancehall is enjoying a worldwide renaissance with Superstars like Drake and Diplo incorporating its synthetic beats into their music. Kranium made an International splash with “Nobody has to Know” a Jamaican Reggae and dancehall singer. The global appeal will continue, with heavy bass laden tracks and old dancehall remixed into a new sound.


Miss Red, Israeli MC stated her new album delivers a Blueprint of a New Futuristic Dancehall style. Miss Red was discovered in an underground club in Tel Aviv bye industrial producer Kevin Martin, or “the Bug”. The Bug and Miss Red have collaborated on several tracks in the past and helped produce her new album, K.O.. Her voice has a powerful fiery presence often harsh and shrill. Her music is fierce and confrontational, she mixes her lyrics that are politically charged with a personal influence. She feels Reggae is the foundation for her new album. Look for her new album K.O. out in July 2018.


About the Author:

Joe Radgowski, is a freelance blogger, having written for small town newspapers the Beacon journal and featured blogger on Yahoo fashion. He enjoys a unique perspective of the music scene, traveling often to many music events throughout the eastern half of America.