Written by Elise Olmstead

Photo by Roger Gupta

“I want to go but I don’t want to go, you know?” I said as I hugged the bedpost, wracking my brain as to whether I wanted to go to the Umphrey’s McGee show Friday.  I was tuckered out from Merryland and nervous about getting work done.

“I know, poor you, you have to go to a show,” Taco says.

“I know,” I whine, “I have to go see my favorite band.”

We both burst out laughing.  Needless to say I did end up going and had an amazing time.  The show at Pier 6 Pavilion, where we see them around this time every year, was one of the best sets from Umphrey’s that I’ve ever seen, complete with an encore of “Glory.”  I can be a homebody sometimes, but I know that I’m spoiled.  I see so much music because it’s part of my job that I take it for granted sometimes. We so easily brush off things that are a normal part of our lives, but abundance should not be dismissed so easily, we should be thankful.

I was reminded of this that Friday night at Umphrey’s McGee.  Someone said, “We all have to do things we don’t want to do,” regarding working for a living.  I thought about how sometimes I have to work longer and later days than I would like, stress too much about deadlines and struggle to make ends meet, but then I thought about the abundance in my life, and that I have everything I’ve ever wanted.  I love creating, I love communicating, I love music, I love art.  I love my family and friends that I get to be around so often.  “I don’t do anything I don’t desire,” I replied, smiling.

What abundance do you have in your life that you might be taking for granted? You probably have family and friends that love you very much, you have a roof over your head and food on the table, you have fun and laughter, music and nature.  You have beautiful places to go and beautiful places to see.  You have so many things to learn, experiences to live, people to meet, that you will never run out of sources of happiness in your life.  Surround yourself with what you love and emanate that love with gratitude for it all.

I’m not saying that life isn’t hard, life is uncomfortable.  Sometimes we really do have to do things that we don’t want to, and we have to work hard all the time.  The beauty of it all is that there’s always enough, always moments of splendor amongst the hardship, and always plenty to be grateful for.  Only when you realize how much you have, can you begin to receive more.  I am grateful for you, I am grateful for this day, I am grateful for this life.

Love Sincerely, Elise