Written by Elise Olmstead

Do you believe in divine timing? I do. I have always been fascinated by dreams, coincidences, and inherent magic.  At nine years old I thought if I tried hard enough I could move objects with my mind, like Matilda from the Roald Dahl book.  I’m still not totally convinced that it’s an impossible feat.  As an adult I realize my own magical power more every day, and divine timing is the culmination of the spell.  Have you ever felt a crazy coincidence, aka incidents that coincide?  It’s because we are constantly building our reality one moment at a time, and in a brief moment of clarity we will see the pieces matching up without any effort in a magical way that we call a coincidence. These “coincidences” are happening all day every day, but often our eyes are closed to them.  Things are coming together and matching up constantly, progressing and thriving, because well-being is our natural state. We have to keep our eyes open for the signs.

Life is so playful sometimes and I recently had an incident that especially tickled me.  You see, most of my mumbo jumbo has a method, and that method is the law of attraction.  I’m practically addicted to the concept because I’ve seen it work in action, I’ve felt the high vibration, and once you feel that you never want to go back.  My meditations are becoming more powerful and my manifestations continue to come without falter, though doubt is proving to be a strong adversary in my journeys. To “work myself up” before a meditation I like to listen to clips from Esther Hicks’ (aka Abraham Hicks) conferences where she speaks about the law of attraction.  She is a powerful teacher who also came into my life coincidentally and inspired my first manifestation.  I was feeling stuck one day, and Esther said in her talks “If only someone has written all of these books with all of the exercises and tools that you need,” talking tongue-in-cheek about her and Jerry Hicks’ books of course.  So, I went on Amazon and bought the core 3 books of their collection in a nice little 3-in-1 package.

Eager to read the books as I was, I’ve only gotten past the introductions.  In one of the introductions, though, Jerry talks about his own journey to finding and practicing the law of attraction.  He always believed in magical impulses and even experimented with Ouija boards to spiritually guide him.  One day at the library a particular book seemed to jump out at him and give him tingles all over.  They were the “Seth Books” by Jane Roberts, an author who went into a trance and allowed an entity named Seth to speak through her about our reality.  Seth offered incredible insights about how we perceive our reality and our true vibrational nature, our nature of joy and well-being that we share with all life on Earth but pinch off with our rigid societal pressures.

I’m relaxing on the couch one evening, feeling full and satisfied from dinner and comfy as I wait for Taco to return from the bathroom so we can continue our Netflix movie.  I’m browsing my phone and have an impulse to look up the Seth books on Amazon.  Maybe they would help me along my spiritual journey.  There are dozens of Seth books on different subjects so I was browsing for a while when I saw a book cover that looked familiar, it was “The Magical Approach.”  The cover looked so familiar in fact that I sprung to my feet as if poked with a hot iron and rushed to my meditation room.  The book was sitting there, unassumingly on the shelf! It had in fact been in our book collection for years.  I was even close to recently discarding it, as I have no idea how it even came into our possession. Through all of that I never even gave the title a good look or even read the description. A huge grin came over my face as I held the book in my hand.  I wanted to run across the room in excitement!  I read the signs in a moment of divine timing and it’s even more magical than I imagined.

I asked Taco if he knew where the book came from and he had no idea.  It must have been left by a roommate or a friend at some point, and I looked over it without a thought all of these years.  It is a perfect example of diving timing and law of attraction – the signs are always there, our desires are already manifested, we just need to line up with them vibrationally.  How do we do that?  We relax, believe, be happy, and keep our eyes and heart open to the signs. Life is more magical than you ever thought! Like a cork in the water, we will always bob to the surface in joy.