Vibe and Glow 2015 pulled together some of the area’s finest musicians, artists, and positive vibrations for a Spring camping celebration in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


This one-day festival was held at The Outlet, located on the New Danville pike. The venue, which I consider to be one of Lancaster’s hidden treasures, was a perfect place for the event. The Outlet has a wonderful and spacious area to set up camp for the night alongside a peaceful stream, and a large indoor area where the stage, vendors, and bar were located.

Humandala was the first band of the night to preform. Humandala is a three piece syth and rhythm based jam band from Central Pennsylvania. Their set was high energy, layered with superior guitar work and spirited bass lines that drew in the crowd from around the venue to whirl toward the stage. With a brilliant blend of funk, electronica, and rock, the music of Humandala had people dancing their hearts out, and cheering as they performed.


Flower Garden was the second band of the night to play. This four piece band based out of Harrisburg brought seriously wonderful vibrations to the dance floor. Their sound is extremely unique as they combine all sorts of different genres together to create tunes that are both nostalgic and contemporary. Stephen Haas, the lead singer, has electrifying stage presence and interacts with the crowd in a way that locks in engagement and keeps you moving your body.


Close to Consideration, a reggae rock band from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania was the third band to take the stage. They played music that seamlessly fused together reggae, jam, funk with a punk twist. Their music is lively and had the crowd jumping to the beat and singing along with favorited lyrics. Smiles were omnipresent in The Outlet as Close to Consideration captivated the mass of people, giving them an exciting blend of music to dance to.


Native Maze, a reggae jam band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania closed the night. This band was totally in sync with each other and had great chops. Even after swaying and jumping through all of the other sets, Native Maze brought so much energy to the stage that the crowd was dancing like they were just watching their first performance of the night!


As a visual artist myself, I found it hard to balance painting with wanting to be in the middle of the dance floor, twirling and jumping and grooving with everyone. There was just so much positivity and excitement there, and beautiful people meeting and making plans to work together on future events. All I can say is that Vibe and Glow is not an event to be missed if you’re looking for an intimate and energetic evening.


Vibe and Glow is next scheduled for the 11th and 12th of September. For more information about the bands or Vibe and Glow, check out their pages on Facebook!