Dopapod: Never Odd or Even

Review by Carly Shields

Dopapod released their new album Never Odd or Even yesterday and it is available for FREE download on their website. Give it a listen now:

Over the last several years, a band has risen out of the northeast that has wowed live audiences and taken festivals by storm. It’s these bands who people tend to think won’t do as well in the studio, but Dopapod has proved otherwise.  Their fourth album, Never Odd or Even released on November 11th, is a cohesive and well produced example of how to go from stage to studio while showcasing exactly who Dopapod is and why fans up and down the east coast are so thrilled with them.

This is a rock album, through and through, with flares of funk, trance, metal, and even comedy lacing the tracks. “Present Ghosts” opens the album with a fierce display of Dopapod’s song writing skills, great lyrics and harmonies, not to mention the solos. “Picture In Picture” solidifies the band’s dance rock style, while “Like A Ball” and the following track “FABA” each show off their jazzier side with light hearted, funky tunes that turn into synth-lead explosions. The next track “Sleeping Giant” echoes it’s title by building slowly into an energetic peak. “Nerds” is a party song that almost sounds remixed as is, but also sounds like the track the band had the most fun with.

As a prime example of how diverse Dopapod can be, they use “Hey Zeus” as an instrumental with a old-timey, swing vibe they don’t bring to other songs. “Psycho Nature” takes it back to harder side of the band while not forgetting their jammier roots. “The Upside of Down,” clocking in at over 11 minutes, brings it all together, like a summary of the album and everything Dopapod has just taught the listener.  This final track is a joy ride of everything the band is capable of, starting soft, turning serious and heavy, and back again, wrapping Never Odd or Even around itself in a beautiful little package.