Welcome to Rock n Roll Resort v4: “The Dream Machine”

Your future music festival experiences will never be the same again after this weekend of nearly endless pleasures. Our setting will be amidst non-stop music, within a professional party environment, set deep in the heart of the Catskills.

Once you arrive and check-in at Rock n Roll Resort, what lies ahead is an adventure of your own design. You might find yourself wandering through the indoor Shakedown, in and out of the three music venues, losing yourself in the extensive art gallery, possibly playing a round of mini-golf or disc golf, or maybe just enjoying the scene while meeting your neighbors, all while making new lifetime friends. First timers, in the end you will wonder what took you so long to make it to your first Resort experience. During those times when you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and lost within the resort, realizing that such a passionate group of professional music fans truly do exist, one of our “Dream Team” staff members will help you find your way.  It’s all so new and different, but feels so very familiar at the same time. It’s almost as if you’ve been here before…

Rock n Roll Resort is a relatively new, yet familiar all inclusive experience for festival-goers of any and all ages. Hudson Valley Resort & Spa is an ideal setting – expansive, inviting and intriguing, you will feel right at home inside the grand resort. Funk bands, electronic acts, jam bands, bluegrass, and a little bit of every music genre can be found throughout the event, with music running from early afternoon until well past sunrise the next day. Dance yourself into a frenzy, then head off to one of the multiple bars and relax with a tasty Magic Hat brew.  You can shop for affordable merchandise from a wide-variety of unique, handmade crafts from our vendors within the event, and don’t forget to make those new friends around every turn! No matter which direction the end up, you won’t find a dull moment at Rock n Roll Resort.

This year’s Rock n Roll Resort, the fourth full installment of the festival, is “The Dream Machine”. You can expect the unexpected!  There’s potential that your wildest dreams might be coming true throughout this weekend. What are you waiting for? Grab your room package and secure your room! If you’re not able to stay for the weekend, you can always take advantage of our “Day Dreamer” day passes.  And although everyone truly is a VIP at the Resort, you can always upgrade and grab the “Lucid Pass” for special access to schmooze and get to know your favorite Resort artists.  We’re all hanging out together for a few days anyhow!

Plan accordingly, sleep tight until then and get ready for a very unique festival experience! Quite possibly one that might change your perception of festivals as you have always known them…

Look for Appalachian Jamwich’s review and photo gallery of this year’s Rock N Roll Resort!!