Appalachian Blues - Album CoverThe Deer Run Drifters new album, Appalachian Blues, can best be described as INCREDIBLE!  The 10 tracks are so enjoyable to the ears that you may find yourself having a hard time turning them off.  With roots firmly planted in a small mountain town life, The Deer Run Drifters have a fresh style and an unforgettable take on mountain music.  Blending blues, old time, bluegrass and pure Americana string band sounds have garnered the band a nice spring tour that comes to a close at Floyd Fest, one of the top bluegrass style festivals in the country.

The tracks plays easily cover-to-cover but tunes like Burn, The Diner Song, Bump, and the namesake Appalachian Blues will honestly have you singing their respective melodies in the shower.  I started up the CD for the first time and began painting and before long the tunes had repeated several times.

Great lyrics, and fine musicianship will surely keep the Deer Run Drifters busy for the foreseeable future.  For more information about where you can see them and how you can get a hold of their music head on over to and you can find their music on Itunes and Amazon.  Rage safely my friends!

written by Cliff Tyler