Waiting for the Rain


Sitting outside in the broiling sun, waiting for the rain but the rain won’t come, Sweating like a pig, feeling overdone, why can’t I get the rain when I ASK for some?

In an old lawn chair, cooler at my feet, thought that it might be a good way to cheat the heat,

But the coolers old and cheap, And… DAMMIT! it LEAKS!!!

No NORMAL ice cubes could ever HOPE to compete!

“If I could get some rain it’d sure be sweet!”

As I slowly roast, like a piece of meat…

So I sit there, with my rapidly warming beer, cursing the sweltering sun,

and this crappy old lawn chair,

you know that kind with plastic straps that stick to your rear?

Yeah, that’s the kinda crap I’m dealing with here.

When all of a sudden, A FLASH catches my eyes,

and a fat drop of water splashes nearby,

as I snatch the molten beer from between my thighs, a torrential downpour falls from once clear skies,

soaked to the skin now, from the pouring rain, A startling discovery makes me exclaim,

sometime earlier my sun fever brain, locked my keys in the house and only I’m to blame.

So as I sit soggy and chilled I think ain’t it a shame, sometimes you get what you wanted, but what you wanted has changed…