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Conspiracy Theories in the New Age

written by Taco Olmstead

photo by Roger Gupta

We are all familiar with conspiracy theories. From the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy, to Pearl Harbor to Sandy Hook, we have all in some way encountered one theory or another expressing the views of a New World Order or Illuminati, pick your poison or Rothschilder, but unless you’ve been living under a rock you are familiar with the scenario.


With these theories you also encounter new age philosophies and spiritualities instructing us of more conspiracy theories. Theories involving how the predominant religions of our current world have obstructed our view of spiritualities and the teachings of chosen deities. There are countless theories instructing us on diets, chemtrails, rocks, minerals, vitamins, music (the Grateful Dead show that never happened), pedophilia and even the weather. There are so many of these theories that if I were to take each theory I’ve heard to heart I would be taking a vapor bath in a copper mesh cage using muldavite infused essential oils scrubbing my body with Siberian sand while playing a tabla. Forget eating, I don’t think I’ve found an all inclusive diet yet that doesn’t have a dissenting opinion of some sort. So what does one do with all of this information?


The first thing I do and what I have found that works best for me, go back to science class! With an Internet connection you can easily research just about anything and comparatively study the studies. Don’t just settle with a single study, look at multiple studies and keep an open mind. Confirmation bias is very real and we are all guilty of it at some time. Confirmation bias is the tendency to seek out information that confirms a preconceived notion, which is why it is also called “myside bias”. It’s an easy trap to fall into but if you’re looking for growth in life, you better start looking for research that contradicts your beliefs.


The next question you should ask is, “what works best for me?” Are you happy living the life you live? Are you a healthier person for eating the way you eat, believing what you believe? Does it make you happy?


While some would say that ignorance is bliss and others would argue you’re simply burying your head in the sand, there is a difference. I realize there is world hunger, oppression, tyranny, pollution and cancer, but I refuse to live my life worrying about it all. I’m definitely not going to run around correcting each person who lives differently that I do. There is something to be said about worry and stress and the toll they both take not just on the psyche but on our physical health. By no means does that mean you should switch your diet to deep fried cheese and pour antifreeze down your drain either. If you want a treat, have one, just make sure that’s all that it is… A treat! You accidentally failed to recycle a piece of plastic? It’s okay, maybe next time you can just avoid buying a disposable item.


What about the Illuminati and the New World Order? What about them? Providing these conspiracy theories are real, what can I do about them?


One of the hardest lessons I’ve ever learned is that I have no control over anything in this world other than myself. When I did finally realize that, my life exponentially improved. I suddenly realized that everything wrong and right in my life rested solely on my own behavior. Despite the roadblocks placed in my way by “the man” or “the system” it was ultimately up to me to overcome those obstacles. This was perhaps the most liberating notion I had come across, that I truly was the master of myself and nothing else. So worrying about conspiring forces and tyranny was no longer a worry at all, as I had no real control over these forces. I do however have control of my life and the way I choose to live it. I choose how to treat others, which foods I am going to eat, how I will spend my time and what cosmic entities I will align with.


With all that being said, does believing a crystal heals you, and if in fact it does heal you, then please by all means, live your life and be happy. Just be aware that to some it is as foreign as saying ten “hail Mary’s” for absolution. If the way you’re living works for you, then keep on doing what you’re doing, if not, take a look around then make sure to take a look within.