FlowPoetry by J. Bastian: https://www.facebook.com/Flowpoetry


Hush silent

Fan shut off night whispers in.

Cats chase sparkling spools of thread,

Ariadne, Queen of the web, spider for a lover.

Words that go around he said she said

Repeated a thousand times spun gothic parallelograms.

Notion of warfare battlefield combat strides,

Ariadne, exultant Queen a shudder, the insect touching silk.

Gasp a breeze curtains swell,

Venom flanged fangs drenching-ly sharp,

Black pitch pipe resin,

Ariadne, Queen of the hunt, belly bellow stalk to her prey.

Cul-de-sac leaves scuttle on the street,

A gas lamp sizzles and sputters misty moon ray sparks.

Struggle as you arm stick leg wrap lost on a trampoline of paste,

Ariadne, Queen of the ice sheet, comes skating up slowly.

Candle drips wax to ward off the chill,

Windows rattle gathering wind.

Larger than death with a smile of delight,

Ariadne, maumet Mab, leers down ravenously.

Wail silent

Fan turns on just one in the room.

Cats asleep on the window sill,

Ariadne, still born glutton, nods off to rest.

FlowPoetry: facebook.com/flowpoetry