Hayden Kaye Time & Space Album Cover
Hayden Kaye – Time & Space

Written by Michael Stegner

The indie songwriting duo known as Hayden Kaye released a 4 song EP on Friday titled Time & Space. The album was recorded and produced by Jon A. C. Delvaux in Cincinnati at the old Soap Floats Recording studio. The married couple’s complementary approach to their music works well as the pair’s unique traits combine to form something larger than the sum of their collective parts. 

Combining musical influences from near and far, this eclectic project steps beyond their native state of Kentucky and into the world of wanderlust and gypsies. Miranda Kaye Tieman’s powerful vocals are otherworldly and have a haunting effect that permeates the music. Robert Hayden Tieman’s intimate voice rounds it out to give balance and familiarity to the married couple’s musical project. 

Hayden Kaye performing at Cincinnati’s Fountain Square (Photo by Debra Ritzi)

Touching on the album’s title Time & Space, their music has an openness and sense of youthful freedom that is reminiscent of the open road -with the instrumentation to go along with them. While complex with layers, the music is simple and composed mostly on acoustic instruments, with the harmonica and percussion added in for depth. One can imagine the pair loading up their gear in a van and taking their musical show with them wherever they go. Even the more complicated songs on the album have potential to come alive in a new way when presented in a small and intimate live setting.

Fans should be on the lookout for appearances throughout the local Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area all summer long. 

You can check out the music video for the second song on the EP, “Dorothy”, which premieres today, below.  The video features GoPro footage from a trip to Iceland.

Check out their music on Spotify and keep up to date with news, show announcements, and other exciting happenings at www.Haydenkaye.com. You can listen to the full album starting tomorrow, April 1, 2022. Until then, enjoy a preview of the album’s opening track “Tidal Wave” below.

“Time & Space” Tracklist:

1. Tidal Wave

2. Dorothy 

3. Holding You

4. Breath of God