Appalachian Jamwich is excited to feature our talented friends within the Jam scene.  So many people that follow the music are talented in their own ways and deserve recognition. We welcome contributions of all kinds, in fact we encourage it.  We want YOU to be a part of this rising movement full of good vibes.  We are looking for writers, ragers, artists, lot-sellers, photographers, and fans.

  • MUSIC:  Self-explanatory!  We want to talk to your band!  Let us promote you to our huge network of jammers and ragers.


  • ART AND HANDMADE: We feature people who make art and handmade crafts every month and can’t get enough of your talent.  If you make or sell things relevant to the Jam scene, please get ahold of us!  We want to promote you!


  • WRITING:  Creative writing and journalistic writing are both needed for the magazine.  Tell us a story about your favorite show, do some research on an upcoming festival, or write a poem about the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  We like articles, poetry, prose, anecdotes, fiction and non fiction!


  • PHOTOGRAPHY:  So many people are embracing the art of photography and everyone these days owns a digital camera.  Put those things to use and send us your pictures of shows, bands, festivals, and friends.  We want pictures of YOU, too!  Your face could be the cover of the next issue!  While we love any and all pictures, we have our eye out for talented photographers with unique vision and are always looking to expand our event photography team.


  • RAGERS: We also feature a “Fan Spotlight” who is a super-fan of sorts that attends 70+ shows a year and revolves their life around the scene and the culture.  Those that work venues, sell on the lot, do performance art, promote, or manage the scene would fall under this category.  Nominate yourself or a friend for Fan Spotlight!


If you would like to join our Writer List and receive emails each month with opportunities to contribute, as well as shows and festivals to review, please contact  


All contributions should go to

We look forward to featuring you!

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